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Coast of Lévis

Salutation ! Welcome in Willdavie

Flag of Willdavie
Location of Willdavie

Willdavie, officially the Confederation of Willdavie (Davinish: La Confederatie de Willdavie) is a nation located on the eastern side of Terraconserva. The nation has only one border with Eminople in the south. The nearest nations are Eminople, New Gandor and Paleocacher. Willdavie largest city and capital is Lévis.

Willdavie was originally formed in 1437 C.E by Quebecshire. It was a colony. At first the new nation was important due to it's large school of fish and vast forests. Since Willdavie was a forgotten vassal, the people living there start a peaceful revolution. The national language was the Quebecshirite until it was overtaken by Davinish which was the language formed by the Willdavisians. In 1617 C.E, ten years after the Quebecshirite Civil War began, Willdavie became independent after it has informed the Quebecshire's government that they were starting a revolution.

Seventh most populous country with 118 millions citizens, Willdavie has a population mostly composed of Willdavisians, but also a 10.7% minority of Quebecshirites. Even though Quebecshirite is not recognized as an official language in Willdavie, there is some Quebecshirite school districts to preserve their language.

Willdavie is a parliamentary republic, consisting of 11 provinces, and is based on a 4 party electorate. A party must acquire 64 seats to have a majority, it can be elected as a minority government, if the winning party has below that number of seats in the national assembly. The elected government is currently the Parti Nationaliste Willdavisien and the prime minister is Stephaän Bolduc.

Due to it's Quebecshirite roots, the Confederation don't have any official religions, and is mostly athiest, followed by agnostism and a very small proportion of islam, that was bringed in the country, by Sacramantians immigrants and by Paleocacherian efforts (>1%). The nation used to be agnostic in majority, but due to the 1960's secular nationalism, atheism took the first place.

The Parti Nationaliste Willdavisien is leading since 2014, and the next general elections will be in 2022. The official opposition is the Solution d'Union Willdavisienne. The current Speaker of Parliament is Annïc Stoneage, and she won the SP elections from an inner vote of the National Assembly in 2019, and her mandate will pursue until 2023.

Selected Article
Davinish (davinois ɖɑʋɪŋœɪ or langue davinoise la lɑ̃ɡ ɖɑʋɪŋœɪɛ) is a language descending from the Northern Ayreoshubic family and more precisely from Quebecshirite. Davinish evolved from Quebecshirite in the beginning of the 16th century, when Willdavisians Nationalists wanted to separate in every way of Quebecshire. The Quebecshirite spoken in Lévis, is the most closest to Davinish, since they grew together over the years. A Davinish speaking person is referred to as a Davinophone.

Davinish is the official language in Willdavie. The language is supervised under the Kantoor Willdavisien du Davinois. Davinish is also one of the official language in the Terraconserva Economic Union. In 2019, 84% of the Davinophone (including the secondary speakers) were living in Willdavie. Davinish is also one of the language with the most secondary speakers (9th) due to his big worldwide representation, due to the statut of the city of Lévis being the movie capital of Terraconserva.

According to the Kantoor Willdavisien du Davinois, around 127 000 000 individuals are able to speak the language. According to a demographic projection, the total number of Davinish speakers will reach 180 million by 2030, and 235 million by 2050. At these times, secondary speakers will represent 29,79% of the total population of the Davinophonie sphere. Read more…
Willdavie News
Webplay logo
  • Webplay had their best financial quarter since the creation of the streaming service (March 2021)
  • It has been 402 years, that Davinish became the official language of Willdavie (February 12, 2021)
  • The Lévis politie issued a raid on a trap house of the Razende leeuwen MC seizing around 200 pounds of marijuana (December 2nd, 2020)