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Hello! Welcome to The League of Conervative Nations!

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The League of Conervative Nations, commonly known as The LCN, The League, or the The Republic, is an enormous region consisting of a semi-democratic regional government with a democratically elected Council through nominations of three, and an unelected Consulate consisting of three Consuls of the Republic, one whom is a Chief Consul of the Republic, who are all equal as an institution. The region was founded on April 17, 2016.

Selected Article
Lyoa, also referred to as Jake, is a LCNAF officer and member of The League of Conservative Nations on and off since around 2016. He is an incumbent member of the Council of the Republic, serving since May 2020. Lyoa has been accused of various criminal activities due to his alleged role as the boss of the LCN crime family. Lyoa has had an extensive NationStates career, being active on the website since at least 2014. Since then he has gone by various aliases, such as Xyrx, Manchukuo and Mengkukuo, Greenland, and Third Dynasty of Ur. The most recent alias, Lyoa, came up with the beginning of the Terraconserva Roleplay in mid-2019. Read more...
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