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Hello! Welcome to The League of Conervative Nations!


The League of Conervative Nations, commonly known as The LCN, The League, or the The Republic, is an enormous region consisting of a semi-democratic regional government with a democratically elected Council through nominations of three, and an unelected Consulate consisting of three Consuls of the Republic, one whom is a Chief Consul of the Republic, who are all equal as an institution. The region was founded on April 17, 2016.

Selected Article
Terranihil, also known as "Terry", is a politician in The League of Conservative Nations (LCN) who currently serves as a Consul of the Republic. He previously served as a Council Delegate, Associate Director of Foreign Affairs, diplomat, and officer of the League's Police Force.. He is a cofounder and administrator of the LCN Wiki, which currently hosts the Terraconserva Roleplay. He is also a member of the unofficial Anti Don Cheadle Party. Terranihil is highly active in the roleplay and plays as Terranihil, an atheist, right-wing dictatorship (which does not reflect his personal political opinions). Terranihil served in several government positions in the Imperial Fatherland (ImpFat), including as an ambassador from ImpFat to the LCN which allowed Terranihil to meet the LCN community. Read more...
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