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Hello! Welcome to The League!

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The League, previously known as The League of Conservative Nations and the LCN, and also known as the The Republic, is an enormous region consisting of a semi-democratic regional government with a democratically elected Council through nominations of three, and an unelected Consulate consisting of three Consuls of the Republic, one whom is a Chief Consul of the Republic, who are all equal as an institution. The region was founded on 17 April 2016.

Selected Article
The 5th Column is a newspaper founded and operated by Spode Humbled Minions. The newspaper is published in The League and is likely heaquartered in Indonesia. The newspaper acted as a successor to Spode's previous media venture, The Science of NS, which ran with three editions from June 11, 2017 to October 4, 2018 with both limited quality, and success. The newspaper is the LCN's most popular and succeeded the LCN Weekly, operated by Doge Republics, as the sole newspaper of the LCN and the most popular newspaper of the LCN. Read more...
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