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Terraconserva Council of Nations


Political map of Terraconserva.
Terraconserva is a planet located in its home system. Terraconserva is home to humans and many languages, as well as a loose governing body called the Terraconserva Council of Nations with its headquarters being located in Bostonia. The largest city in Terraconserva is San Salvador, followed by Ankarabad, and then Quebecshire City. The most spoken language is Eminopler counting according to total number of speakers, but Spanish is the largest if only native speakers are counted. Abrahamic religions dominate the world, however, Atheism makes up a large portion of the world's religious makeup alongside Paganism. The first civilization in Terraconserva was the Ayreoshubic Kingdom which rose around 3500BC and collapsed around 2000BC. Its territory is now controlled by Terranihil, Greater Sacramento, Malgax, and Quebecshire. Today, Ayreoshubic influence can be seen all around the world with almost every nation having speakers that speak an Ayreoshubic Language

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The Anabechen–Xussman conflict (Xussman language: Конфликт в Анабечене-Сюссмане) or "Anabechen Troubles" was a near decade long armed conflict between the Grand Xussman Empire and the Islamic separatist state of Anabechnya. The conflict between these two entities was the first internal conflict in Xusma in the past 350 years since the coup in 1654. The results of the First Anabechen War and the Second Anabechen War left the battlefield in ruins and the citizens of Xusma in fear. Nearly 39,000 people, both Xussman and Anabechens died during the conflicts, with around 4,000 total civilian casualties. Since the conflicts end in March of 2001, Xusma has maintained a strong hold on the terrorist's former area of operations, the city of Budyodedovo. Budyodedovo layed in ruins during the conflicts but was reconstructed nearly a month after and has been formed into a "Military City" being the home of 5 Xussman Military bases. Read more...
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