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Salisford, (Salisfordian: Salforto), officially the Kingdom of Salisford (Salisfordian: Regno di Salforto), is a nation located on the northern coast of Sur. Salisford is bordered to the north by the Alzanub Sea, to the south by Creeperopolis and El Salvador, to the west by the Almanople Ocean, and to the east by Montcrabe. Salisford's capital and largest city is Savotta located on Salisford's northwestern coast. As of 2020, Salisford has a population of 74.2 million.


Salisford is a semi-democracy ruled by a hereditary monarch and assisted by an appointed first minister. Salisford's monarch is King Francesco II, who has reigned since 2015. Salisford's legislative body is the Salisfordian Parliament which is bicameral legislature made up of an elected Grand Council, which serves as the lower house, and an appointed Senate, which serves as the upper house.

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Salisford is a founding member of both the Terraconserva Council of Nations and the Cooperation and Development Coalition.

Selected Article
G&G Ratings Service (formally known as Gentile & Grasso Ratings Service Inc. and commonly called G&G) is a Salisfordian credit rating agency (CRA). It publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds issued by commercial and government entities. G&G ranks the creditworthiness of borrowers using standardized rating scales which measure probability of investor loss in the event of default. Read more...
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Armed men return fire against a sniper during the June Mutiny, 1969.
Selected Biography

Teodoro Mattera (12 May 1940 – 20 October 1980) was a Salisfordian politician and military officer who succeeded Sandro Neri as First Minister of Salisford and Chairman of the Catholic Labor Front.

He was assassinated in 1980 by a former member of the Esercito Nero. Read more...
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