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Salisford, (Salisfordian: Salforto), officially the Kingdom of Salisford (Salisfordian: Regno di Salforto), is a nation located on the northern coast of the Southern Landmass. Salisford is bordered to the north by the Alzanub Sea, to the south by Creeperopolis and El Salvador, to the west by the Almanople Ocean, and to the east by unclaimed territory. Salisford's capital and largest city is Savotta located on Salisford's northwestern coast. As of 2020, Creeperopolis has a population of 74.2 million making it the fourteenth most populous nation in the world.

The Salisfordian Old Kingdom was founded in 546 AD, when Dux Tiberias Valencius declared himself the King of Salisford. This Kingdom would survive until 1790, when a 8-year long popular revolt would force the Kingdom to capitulate and form the Salisfordian Republic. The Republic would be plagued with bureaucratic inflexibility, corruption, and banditry. The Republic would last until 1800, when a rural Salisfordian aristocrat would soundly beat the Republic in the Salisfordian Counter-Revolution. This aristocrat would invite the exiled House of Valenza to return and create a new Salisfordian Kingdom. This new kingdom would become the current government of Salisford. In 1969, after the assassination of the popular Maria III and her immediate family, Salisford would fall into chaos and civil war. Remaining military forces and political paramilitaries would battle until 1974, when a monarchist faction led by King Carlo III would defeat remaining opposition and reimpose the authority of the Salisfordian crown.

Salisford is a semi-democracy ruled by a hereditary monarch. Salisford's monarch is King Francesco II, who was reigned since 2015. Salisford's legislative body is the Grand Council, the Grand Council is also intended to serve as an advisory body to the monarch. Members of the lower house of the Grand Council are elected from each province of Salisford, and the members of the upper house are peers of the realm.

Salisford has the world's twelveth largest economy by Gross Domestic Product. It has a high-income economy and a high Human Development Index rating, ranking twelveth in the world. Salisford's economy is strong and diverse, but some major Salisfordian industries are agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, and tourism.

Salisford is a founding member of both the Terraconserva Council of Nations and the Cooperation and Development Coalition.

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Savotta is the capital and most populous city in Salisford. It is one of the few cities in Salisford to hold both a Royal Charter and have a royally appointed Sindaco Reale. The city has a population of 3.2 million within its city limits, while the Savottan metropolitan area has an estimated 6.6 million total population. The Royal Cathedral of Salisford is located within Savotta’s city limits. The Royal Cathedral is the traditional place where royal coronations, royal marriages, and other major religious ceremonies involving the Royal Family of Salisford are held. The Royal Cathedral is also the seat of the Archbishop of Savotta, who also holds the title of Primate of Salisford. However, the Patriarch of the Salforti Church is seated in the larger Basilica of San Tiberio. Read more...
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Armed men return fire against a sniper during the June Mutiny, 1969.
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Prince Carlo (center), meeting with dignitaries.

Carlo Maria Taborza Valenza (born March 17, 2000) is the current Prince of Salisford of Salisford. He is the son of King Francesco II and Queen Consort Maria de Virtu.

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