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View of the city of Maripoli

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Portale Salfortano

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Salisford, (Salisfordian: Salforto), officially the Kingdom of Salisford (Salisfordian: Regno di Salforto), is a nation located on the northern coast of Sur. Salisford is bordered to the north by the Alzanub Sea, to the south by Creeperopolis and El Salvador, to the west by the Almanople Ocean, and to the east by Montcrabe. Salisford's capital and largest city is Savotta located on Salisford's northwestern coast. As of 2020, Salisford has a population of 74.2 million.


Salisford is a semi-democracy ruled by a hereditary monarch and assisted by an appointed first minister. Salisford's monarch is King Francesco II, who has reigned since 2015. Salisford's legislative body is the Salisfordian Parliament which is bicameral legislature made up of an elected Grand Council, which serves as the lower house, and an appointed Senate, which serves as the upper house.

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Salisford is a founding member of both the Terraconserva Council of Nations and the Cooperation and Development Coalition.

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Two maps showing the first phase (left) and second phase (right).
Two maps showing the first phase (left) and second phase (right).

The Rubicon War (Creeperian Spanish: Guerra del Rubicón; Salisfordian: Guerra del Rubicone) was a major war in Sur which occurred in two phases between 1961 and 1976. The war was fought between Creeperopolis and Salisford over a territorial dispute along the Rubicon River, which marked the border between the two nations. Despite the Salisfordian military victory in the first phase and the Creeperian military victory in the second phase, the war ended in a diplomatic stalemate as neither Salisford nor Creeperopolis made any significant gains as a result of the conflict.

In 1936 during the Creeperian Civil War, the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council (Imperial Council) made a secret agreement with the Salisfordian government to partition the nation of Castilliano in an effort to end a brief conflict being fought between Castilliano and Salisford and to get the Salisfordians to send volunteers to help the Imperial Council against the National Council for Peace and Order (National Council). Despite the agreement, after the war ended in 1949 and Castilliano was annexed by Creeperopolis, the Creeperian government did not allow Salisford to take territory from Castilliano as was promised due to Creeperopolis making a separate agreement with Castilliano ensuring their protection. In 1952, Salisfordian First Minister Sandro Neri pressed Creeperopolis to fulfill the agreement and cede the promised territory to Salisford, however, the Creeperian government refused citing all of Castilliano as "an integral part of Creeperopolis." Read more...
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Armed men return fire against a sniper during the June Mutiny, 1969.
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Portrait of Carlo I (circa 1842)

Carlo I of Salisford (full name: Carlo Tiberius Vittorio Enrico di Valenza; May 5, 1774 – January 6, 1845) was the King of Salisford from 1800 until his death in 1846.

The second son of Cesario VI and Sibilla Teresa du Serino, Carlo was not considered a likely candidate to ascend to the throne of Salisford. However, following the Salisfordian Revolution in 1792 and the deaths of his father and older brother, he was forced into exile by the hostile republican regime. He spent 8 years in exile until Orfeo di Dimizia ousted the republicans in the Salisfordian Counter-Revolution and invited Carlo to take the throne. Carlo returned to Salisford in 1800 and was crowned king on April 12 1800. Read more...
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