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Rakeo is oppressive nation known for political repression, a stratocratic government, and an affinity toward violence-based technology, and is the second and only other nation located in the Southern Sea. The capital of Rakeo is Olino. It has a two neighboring nations, one to its north in the form of Creeperopolis, with a technologically backwards nation in the west, known as Sequoyah. As of 2020, an estimated 30 million people live in the island nation.

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Corporate logo.
The Tree Power Company (Rakeoian: Arba Potenco Kompanio, abbreviated APK) was a power and refinement company operated in the city of Olino. The company operated between early 1941 and 1955. Read more...
Rakeo News
  • Rakeo has hosted a military equipment conference known as MILKON 2020
  • Several Rakeoian aircraft have crashed in Sequoyah
  • An official tourism guide was provided internationally by the Stratocratic Authority
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Rotate Sled Machine Gun Colored.png
Gunsled Snow Planes on the southern icesheets, 1957
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