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الكبرى سكرامنتو بوابة

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The Kingdom of Zahjeddah, also reffered to as the Third Zahjeddan Kingdom or Eastern Romayan Empire, was a Christian Empire that dominated former eastern lands of the Romanyan Empire in addition to eastern Terranihil and Malgax. The main language was Hebrew which was used in the state and the church but local languages such as Arabic were still spoken in the outer realms of the empire. The Empire was established after Augustus Ocatavian split the Romanyan Empire cutting Eastern Romanaya away from the west and forming this kingdom. The Empire remained one of the most prosperous in the world for it's time and some have denoted the term the "Christian Golden Age" for the time this Empire dominated due to it's close Catholic affiliation and prosperity. The Empire collapsed in the 630s after the Mutadinun Caliphate took Zahjeddah. Read more...
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