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The Greater Sacramento Portal
الكبرى سكرامنتو بوابة

Overview نظرة عامة

Greater Sacramento (official name: The Islamic Republic of Greater Sacramento) is a nation north of Creeperopolis, east of Lyoa, and south of Quebecshire and Terranihil. It is a Federal Constitutional Republic governed by two houses, one elected as local representatives and one elected in a proportional system. The population of the nation is 250 million making it 2nd for highest population behind Creeperopolis. The capital is Sacramento while the largest city is Ankarabad in the east. The nation has one of the largest economies in the world only being behind Creeperopolis and Quebecshire and the second highest gdp per capita.

Humans have been present in the nation since migrating from Terranihil as early as 12,000 years ago. These first humans became the Shazaqanics and Semites. After the collapse of the Ayreoshubic Kingdom the Iberian Tribes began to inhabit the western regions. The origins of the Azumanakan people is heavily unknown but many point to post Ayreoshubic migration.

In 1486 Caliph Ibinz Kaz Kashiludun took the throne after his father's death Caliph Akbar Kaz Kashiludun but upon taking the throne the Kashiludun Caliphate Economy collapsed and the Caliph was noted to have done minimal things about it and after 6 years a protest was held against him and protesters raided the Imperial Palace in Zahrbad and the Caliph hid in the palace but the protesters discovered alcohol and prostitutes which were considered to be taboo in Islam. This sparked the Blue Flag Revolution in 1495 and overthrew the Caliphate and started a period of Sacramento Democracy.

Selected Article مقالة مختارة

The name "Spanish" in Spanish in the Arabic Script (top) and Iberic Script (bottom)
Spanish is a language spoken to native populations of Greater Sacramento and Creeperopolis. It originated from Romanyan Iberic coming from the dialect spoken in the city of Romanya where it split off from Ziqaric in the 3rd century though was not recognizable to it's modern form. The language stayed stagnant during the christian era of Greater Sacramento up until the Islamic takeover of Andaluzia where Classical Spanish began to form and received it's Arabic vocabulary. Deltinians spread the language from Andaluzia into Creeperopolis through the Caliphate of Deltino but today the two Spanishes are different as Andaluzian Spanish has more Arabic vocabulary due to being under constant Islamic influence where as Creeperian Spanish continued to use original terms. Today there are two Standard forms of Spanish with one in both Greater Sacramento and Creeperopolis. Read more...

News الاخبار

Asr El Ziqara

Protests have erupted in the city of Asr El Ziqara against the governor, Gavin Noor. Anger began when he was elected and signed off many controversial laws with his majority block in the Jaqarastan Congress such as a limit for water use which greatly depleted the region's farming economy and the mandatory 9:00 school starting time which has led to conflicts with Parent's schedules as the average working start time is 8:00. Homelessness has also been neglected during his administration which is the highest in the entire nation due to money mismanagement. The current protest arose after he was caught watering his lawn during the current drought in the region and also was caught eating the meat of the endangered Arailina Parrot which was against his own orders to stop hunting. Currently he has gone into hiding for safety reasons with protesters blocking the road to his house and occupying the capitol. Many also are calling for the previous governor, Jafar Brown, to return to office.

Sacramento 30/12

The Islamic Republic FA Wazir has dismissed all Sequoyans from the embassy in Sacramento but has informed embassy workers that they may qualify for asylum under the 1853 Asylum Act for Article 1 Immigration. The nation has also decided to appoint Karimun Jawa and Reia as the two selected foreign governments for advisory positions in regards to Sequoyah.

Asr El Ziqara 5/12

High heats approach the Jaqaratan region as well as southern Andaluzia with Fez at 92 degrees and Asr El Ziqara at 98 degrees. Advisories have been put out by local governments with Deltino, Yaguachado, Nacibel and Alihuela advising residents to minimize outside activity and to wear loose clothing such as an Abaya for women. Many though are questioning the advisory put in place in Nacibel after the Governor, Gavin Noor, was seen in minimal clothing on the beaches of Nacibel.

Fajar El Ziqara 4/12

Aero Portugal has announced the opening of a new direct flight between Fajar El Ziqara and Zoqholm which will be the third route to connect Fajar El Ziqara to the Azumanaka province with existing flights to Ibrahamshah and Ankarabad.

Sacramento 3/12

Legislation to make women's products nationally available has been passed in the lower house with a 348 to 72 vote. Opposition was mainly received from extreme right wing politician (a majority of them being from the Qiwan party) as well as outlier politicians in other parties such as the Ahfariq min Zaumria. The Chancellor has said he intends to pass the bill as while he believes the market should be more free products such as these should be a basic right as is healthcare. Nationally this bill would only effect a handful of regions as most governments under the Federal one have programs like this in place already.

Topics المواضيع