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Pacheco Durán in 2019.

Víctor Emmanuel Pacheco Durán (Creeperian: Վձծտոր Եմմանփել Պաճեծո Դփրըն; born 20 April 1959), commonly known as Pachán (Պաճըն) is a Creeperian football manager and retired football player who is considered to have been the greatest Creeperian football player of all time, playing for the Creeperopolis national team from 1982 until 2006, and playing in the Liga Imperial until 2007 at the age of 48, the oldest player to ever play in the Liga Imperial. He is currently the manager of the Liga Imperial team CF Adolfosburg.

Pacheco Durán is one of the most successful football players in Creeperian history, playing in a record 878 domestic matches and scoring a record 401 goals. As a player, he has won nine Copa Creeperianos, ten Liga Imperial MVP Awards, and the 1981 ANF Most Valued Rookie Award. As a manager, he has also won an additional Copa Creeperiano in 2019. He holds the Creeperopolis national team record for the most caps at 201 caps and the most goals at 91 goals.