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View of the city of Coatepeque Caldera

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a Creeperópolis!

Creeperopolis (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Ծրեեպերօպոլիս; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Creeperópolis; Creeperian Spanish pronunciation: [kri.peɾˈo.po.lis]), officially the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis (Creeperian: Սանտո Իմպերիո Տրադիծիոնալիստա դե Ծրեեպերօպոլիս; Iberic: Santo Imperio Tradicionalista de Creeperópolis), is the largest nation in Sur and the 4th largest in the world by land area. Creeperopolis is bordered to the north by the Directorial Republic of Cospania, to the south by the Republic of Sequoyah and the Senvarian Sea, to the west by the Sea of Castilliano, the Kingdom of Salisford, and the Principality of El Salvador, and to the east by the Bay of Salvador and the Southern Ocean. Creeperopolis completely enclaves the client state and religious nation, artificially established by Creeperopolis, known officially as the State of the Church. Creeperopolis' capital and largest city is San Salvador located near the center of the country along the southern coast of Lake San Salvador and west of Lake Zapatista. As of 2020, Creeperopolis has a population of 532 million, making it the most populous nation in the world.

Creeperopolis is the world's second largest economy at ₡94.4 trillion colóns, second only to Quebecshire. The country continues to struggle with massive wealth inequality, rampant crime and crime rates, four ongoing internal armed conflicts, rampant government and corporate corruption, and unprecedented poverty rates of 20–25%. The official currency of Creeperopolis is the Creeperian Colón and it has been since the relinquishment of the Creeperian Dollar following the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état. Creeperopolis has been commonly called terms such as a dictatorship, fascist, totalitarian, police state, and banana state, many of which have varying degrees of accuracy.

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Creeperian Airlines (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Աերոլձնեաս Ծրեեպերիանո; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Aerolíneas Creeperiano; pronounced: [ae.ɾoˈli.ne.as cre.pe.ɾiˈa.no]; abbreviated as: AC) is the largest airline and the flag carrier of Creeperopolis. The airline is the largest Surian airline and one of the largest in the world.

As of 2020, the airline employs nearly 75,400 people. The airline also has a fleet of 224 aircraft, primarily of Maroto Botín small- and wide-body aircraft, and 150 destinations in 13 countries. The airline also carried 40,450,000 passengers in 2020. It operates out of three primary hubs, with San Salvador–Romero I being the largest, and three secondary hubs. The airline is headquartered at the San Salvador–Romero I international airport in San Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis. Read more...
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Schafik Handal López
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El General Martinez Dando Las Credenciales al Embajador Italiano.jpg
Minister of Defense Adolfo Cabañeras Moreno reading orders to his officers during the Papal War, 1938.
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Clockwise from top left: SOHEDEL rebels in Helwan, SEM rebels near Lajh, a mosque burning in Dishna, Creeperian Army helicopters near Río de Valdéz.
Clockwise from top left: SOHEDEL rebels in Helwan, SEM rebels near Lajh, a mosque burning in Dishna, Creeperian Army helicopters near Río de Valdéz.

The Deltinian Insurgency (Creeperian Spanish: Ինսփրգենծիա Դելտինիանո; Deltinian: التمرد الدلتيني; transliterated: al-Tamarud al-Diltiniu), also sometimes referred to as the Deltinian Conflict or the Southern Creeperian War, referred to by the Creeperian government as The Second Crusade (Լա'Սեգփնդա Ծրփզադա) and referred to by the Deltinian militias as The Jihad (الجهاد; al-Jihad), is an major ongoing asymmetric internal conflict and insurgency in southern Creeperopolis. The insurgency is primarily centered in the Creeperian department of San Juan, however, the conflict has also spilled over into the neighboring departments of Castilliano, Senvar, and Sonsatepan, as well as into the neighboring nation of Sequoyah into the Arapaho and Eastern Sequoyah provinces.

The insurgency is generally considered to have begun on 18 February 1978, when the Deltinian political and religious leader, Mullah Iftikhar al-Mutasim, was assassinated by the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), leading to the spread of race riots across the department. Deltinians rose up, attacking Creeperans and Castillianans, which resulted in widespread attacks being directed at the Deltinians by pro-government militias and riot mobs. The Society of Deltinian Brothers, a self-defense militia group, was subsequently established by Muhammad al-Umar, as was the Holy Army of al-Mutasim by Usaama al-Khalid, to fight against the rioters and the Creeperian government, and on 6 October 1978, the two militias declared independence as the Emirate of Deltino. Read more...
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