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Pepsi Corporation
IndustryBeverages and Food Processing
FoundersKévin Beaux
HeadquartersQuebecshire City, Quebecshire
San Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis
Area served
Creeperopolis, Quebecshire
Key people
Porthos Cortot
(Qs. CEO)
Cristóbal Muñoz Abellán
(Cr. CEO)
Porthos Cortot
ProductsSoft Drinks
Other Beverages
RevenueIncrease CQS₵25.7 billion (2018)
CCL₡169.62 billion (2018)
Increase CQS₵9.7 billion (2018)
CCL₡64.02 billion (2018)
Number of employees
SubsidiariesQuebecshirite PepsiCo. Division
Creeperian PepsiCo. Division

In Creeperopolis and Quebecshire, Pepsi is manufactured by the Pepsi Corporation, a major beverage and food industry corporation based in Quebecshire, with secondary headquarters in Creeperopolis.

Its operations in Quebecshire and globally are managed from Quebecshire City and its operations in Creeperopolis are directed from San Salvador. The Quebecshirite and global operations are headed by Porthos Cortot, and the functions untaken by the company in Creeperopolis are overseen by Cristóbal Muñoz Abellán.