Peoples' Revolution

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Peoples' Revolution
DateSeptember 13-15, 1730
Creeperopolis Creeperian Government Creeperopolis Monarchists
Civilian Protestors
Liberals Conservatives
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Orlando Moreno Hidalgo Various
Casualties and losses
none 13 dead
58 injured
79 arrested (later released)
150 in total during the Revolution

The Peoples' Revolution was a civilian-led riot/revolution against the newly established Republic of Creeperopolis (following the failed Monarch's Revolution). From September 13-15, 1730, supporters of the monarchy marched in the streets of San Salvador demanding the return of the monarchy. The monarchist protests turned into protests and riots against the highly corrupt Republic. The government caved into the demands and Adolfo II, brother of the executed Carlos III was instated as King.

The office of President was abolished, but Parliament remained and Orlando Moreno Hidalgo remained as Prime Minister until his death in 1749.