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State of Pavulturilor

Flag of Pavulturilor
  • ספרי וויכטוריי
  • spre victorie
  • (to victory)
Location of Pavulturilor in Ecros.
Location of Pavulturilor in Ecros.
Location of Pavulturilor In Terraconserva.
Location of Pavulturilor In Terraconserva.
and largest city
Official languagePavulturilori
Ethnic groups
GovernmentMilitary-led provisional gorverment
• Marshall
Meir Cohen
Moshe Leon
Yair Lev
LegislatureMarshall's Office
• 2021 estimate
61 million
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
HDI (2021)0.772
high · 13
CurrencyShekel (PS)
Time zonePavulturilori timezones
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy, AC/ADc
Driving sideright
Calling code+32

Pavulturilor, officially the State of Pavulturilor, is a nation located in the south of Ecros. It is bordered by Terranihil to the north, Lastrivia to the southeast, Corevilla to the northwest, the Caelean Sea to the east, and the Romanyan Sea to the south. Pavultorilor's capital and largest city is Dăbuza, located at the eastern part of the country along the coast of the Caelean Sea. As of 2021, Pavulturilor has the population of 61 million.

The current administration rose to power following The Midnight Affairs, in which the Royal family of the former Pavulturilori Kingdom was assassinated by the Pavulturilori People's Army (PPA), thus ending more than 1,000 years of monarchy, following tthe assassination, the then Pavultorilori Royal Armed Forces took over and overthrew the minute long communist reign, declaring martial law over the country and proclaiming the State of Pavultorilor (Statul Pavultorilor).

Ancient times

Pre-Romanyan civilization

The Pavulturilori civilization has it's roots traced back to even before the Romanyan Empire, with the earliest archiological findings dating back to 4,000 years ago, to a civilization called the First Pavulturilori Kingdom.

Romanyan Era

when the Romanyan Empire started expanding, the First Pavulturilori Kingdom fell just like all other people who stood in it's way, it's defeat in the First pavlturilori-romanyan war turned it into a province of the empire, after which several rebellions occured, all of which were defeated and led to more restrictions on the region and it's people, and an eventual exile of some of the pupulation to other parts of the empire.

Middle Ages

Rise of the Second Pavulturilori Kingdom

with the decline and eventual downfall of the Romanyan Empire, a new Pavulturilori Kingdom was established under the Melekh Dynasty, and shortly after it's foundation, started Expanding.

The modern era

early-modern times

modern history