Pánfilo Kassandro Rodríguez

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Pánfilo Kassandro Rodríguez
1st Caudillo of Creeperopolis
In office
January 1, 1445 – January 1, 1445
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded byPosition Abolished
11th Caudillo of Creeperopolis
In office
June 19, 1438 – January 1, 1445
Preceded byLucas Vázquez Ayllón
Succeeded byFrancisco Hernández Córdoba
Personal details
Pánfilo Diego Kassandro Rodríguez

Salvador, Salvador, Creeperopolis
DiedJanuary 23, 1446(1446-01-23) (aged 60–61)
Salvador, Salvador, Creeperopolis
Cause of deathExecution by Pánfilo Coffin
Débora Cadaval Varela
(m. 1411; his death 1446)
OccupationMilitary officer
Known forLeading the House of Martínez Massacre
Military service
Allegiance Creeperopolis
Branch/serviceCreeperian Army
Years of service1403-1445
CommandsCreeperian Army
Battles/warsCreeperian Peasants' War
AwardsOrder of the Crusaders' Cross

Pánfilo Diego Kassandro Rodríguez (1385-January 23, 1446) was a Creeperian military officer. He held the rank of Caudillo and commanded the Creeperian Army during the Creeperian Peasants' War. He was executed by an execution method now called the Pánfilo Coffin in 1446 for commanding the House of Martínez Massacre in January 1445.

Early Life

Pánfilo Diego Kassandro Rodríguez was born in 1385 in Salvador, Salvador, Creeperopolis.

Military Career

Creeperian Peasants' War


Kassandro Rodríguez was angered by the treaty that was signed and believed the King was ruining Creeperopolis by giving away so much land in Atlántida. He gathered a group of 30 soldiers, numbering 31 in total to symbolize the year the Creeperian Crusade began (1231), and armed everyone with a machete, prepared to assassiante the royal family to allow Kassandro Rodríguez to assume total control.

On January 1, 1445, Kassandro Rodríguez and the other 30 soldiers stormed the Salvador Imperial Palace, killing 5 Imperial Guardsmen and injuring 6 more in the initial storming. King Miguel III was holding a dinner with his wife Queen María, his 28 year old son Grand Prince Miguel, his younger brother Prince Adolfo, Adolfo's wife Princess Isabela, and Adolfo's 21 year old son Prince Adolfo. His youngest brother, Prince Manuel, was not present and on a diplomating mission to Atlántida.

The soldiers entered the dinning hall, killing two more guards on the way. Kassandro Rodríguez demanded that Miguel III abdicates his crown and give him complete authority to save Creeperopolis from disaster. Miguel III refused and fired Kassandro Rodríguez from his position as Caudillo. Kassandro Rodríguez then ordered the soldiers to restrain all six. Kassandro Rodríguez told Miguel III to again abdicate and give him complete control of the Kingdom. Miguel III again refused and Kassandro Rodríguez ordered the soldiers to behead the 21 year old Prince Adolfo, which they did. Kassandro Rodríguez asked again, to which Miguel III again refused, and then Kassandro Rodríguez had Princess Isabela beheaded. He continued to asked, Miguel III continued to refuse, until Prince Adolfo, Queen María, and Grand Prince Miguel had all been beheaded.

Kassandro Rodríguez threatened to behead Miguel III himself if he did not abdicate. Miguel III spoke, "I will not renounce my throne to an usurper. May God punish you for the crimes you have committed against His creations and the Fatherland." Kassandro Rodríguez personally beheaded Miguel III. He gave himself the title Caudillo of Creeperopolis, but before he could make use of the title, the room was stormed by guards of the Imperial Guard, who had been building a reinforcement force for the duration of the executions. By the time they arrived, everyone had already been beheaded. All 31 conspirators were captured and arrested by the Imperial Guard.

Trial and Death

Prince Manuel automatically became King Manuel II upon the death of Miguel III but he was not notified of the news until 2 weeks later. When he found out, he immediately returned to Salvador. He arrived on January 29, 1445, and immediately called for the organization of a trial of the 31 convicted. The 31 men were charegd with high treason, regicide, 13 counts of murder, conspiracy, waging war on God, waging war on the Kingdom, witchcraft, and sorcery.

Pope Eugino IV was appointed by King Manuel II to be the presiding judge of the trial. The trial began on February 8, 1445, and ended on March 11, 1445.

During the trials, commoners were allowed to spectate since the trial was done publicly. When the defendants were allowed to speak, commoners booed and threw objects at the defendants in protest. Whenever Eugino IV deemed a defendant guilty, the crowds cheered in excitement and joy.

One defendant was tried per day from February 8 to March 10. Each and everyone one was found guilty.

On March 11, all 31 men who were found guilty on all charges were all sentenced to death. Each one was sentenced to die in a different way.

Kassandro Rodríguez was found guilty of high treason, regicide, murder, conspiracy, waging war on God, waging war on the Kingdom, witchcraft, sorcery, and was sentenced to death. He was sentenced to the most brutal punishment of the 31. It has only ever been used once in recorded Creeperian history and it has not been given an official name but it has commonly been reffered to as the Pánfilo Coffin.

Soldiers were ordered to take two boats which were framed exactly to fit each other and holes were cut into them to allow Kassandro Rodríguez's head, hands, and feet to poke out. Kassandro Rodríguez was laid down in one of them on his back and was covered with the other so that only his head, hands, and feet were left poking outside, and the rest of his body lied shut up within. Soldiers offered him food, and when he refused to eat, they forced him to by pricking his eyes with a cactus. After he ate, they drench him with a mixture of milk and honey, pouring it not only into his mouth, but all over his face, hands, and feet. They then keep his face continually turned towards the sun. Over time, he became completely covered up and hidden by the multitude of flies that settled on him. Within the boats, he had to soil himself with excrement. The horrible smell attracted more flies, but also ants, maggots, worms, cockroaches, mosquitos, moths, spiders, and many other insects were attracted.

The soldiers continued to feed him and kept him alive, continuing his suffering while he was being eaten alive and bitten by all sorts of insects. Kassandro Rodríguez died on January 16, 1446, after keeping him alive for 23 days. No one dared to retrieve his body so his corpse had to be retrieved by criminals senteneced to death for sorcery and withcraft. His body was burned and dumped into Lake San Salvador on January 23, 1446.

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