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The Rakeo

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Rakeo: Rakeo – sovereign country on the island by the Southern Landmass. The country is officially called the Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo. The country borders the southern and senvarian oceans. With a population of an estimated 30 million people, it is a fairly small nation. Rakeo has been described as "The Hermit Nation", having maintained only a tentative diplomatic relationship with its closest neighboring countries.


The geography of Rakeo is has been dramatically shaped by the bizarrely extreme shift in climate observable along the latitude of the island. Rakeo is at the same latitude as the sun-baked dunes of Sequoyah, yet has subpolar winters.


Northern Rakeo is filled with coarse sand beaches and coastal cliffs. All of Rakeo's cities are in the north as to avoid the harsher southern winters.


Other locations

Olino Strategic Defense Initiative


In the far south of Rakeo, it's not uncommon to find hostile subzero temperatures. However, a large variety of migratory birds and mammals live in the area during the more hospitable seasons, going north during the winter months. Around a quarter of southern Rakeo is designated as tundra.

Notable Locations



As a stratocratic republic, the country's military controls the political structures, and has widely prohibited travel in and out (only recently lessening those restrictions). The government also doesn't report its military assets. As such, all information regarding the military comes from observation of drills in either Sequoyah or Creeperopolis, or information from refugees of the civil war.



Most weapons currently used by the Rakeoian military are either knockoff copies of foreign production models, or otherwise surplus from the Rakeoian Civil War. These weapons have shown up in other conflicts, although the process through which foreign combatants would obtain weapons from the least transparent country in Terraconserva is unclear.


Known vessels

Air force

Known aircraft


The culture of Rakeo can be safely divided into two portions- The modern government has severely cracked down on cultural institutions, specifically churches, likely due to the roots of the regime as an anti-clerical movement. But more broadly, Rakeo does not tolerate mass media that is not either approved or directly-controlled.



Common themes of Rakeoian propaganda are the importance of defense, and demonization of foreigners, in particular, malgans.


Propaganda Poster (1).png
Racial caricature of a Malgan, referred to here by the slur "Malger". The text, translated literally, is "NO TRUST MALGERS" with "Report" printed behind it.

Mass Media