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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Creeperopolis:

Creeperopolis – sovereign country on the Southern Landmass. The country is officially called the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis. The country borders the Southern Ocean. With a population of approximately 532 million people, it is the most populated nation on Terraconserva.

General Reference

  • Pronunciation (Jackian): kriːpɛrɔːpoʊlɪs
  • Pronunciation (Spanish): kriperopolis
  • Common Lyoan country name: Creeperopolis
  • Official Lyoan country name: Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis
  • Common endonym(s): Creeperópolis
  • Official endonym(s): Creeperópolis
  • Adjectival(s): Creeperian
  • Demonym(s) (singular): Creeperian
  • Demonym(s) (plural): Creeperans
  • Etymology: The name Creeperopolis has its origins in the name of the native people group that founded the nation: the Creeperans. The suffix "-opolis," meaning city, was added to the end of the name to imply that the Old Creeperian Kingdom was mainly a city rather than a full fledged Kingdom.[1] Overtime the suffix has been more and more redundant as the nation is not longer just a sole city but has expanded into a large empire covering vast territories. There have been efforts to remove the suffix but for the foreseeable future, the name Creeperopolis will stand.
  • Internet country code top-level domain: .cr

Geography of Creeperopolis

Environment of Creeperopolis

National Geographic Features of Creeperopolis

Regions of Creeperopolis

Departments of Creeperopolis

Departments of Creeperopolis

Creeperopolis is divided into 29 departments. Their names, abbreviations, (and capitals) are:

  1. AB, Abdan (San Pablo)
  2. AD, Adolfosburg (Adolfosburg)
  3. AT, Atlántida (Victoria)
  4. AS, Atlántida del Sur (Puerto Atlántida)
  5. CA, Castilliano (Chalatenango)
  6. DE, San Juan (Nuevo San Juan)
  7. HE, Helam (San Nicolás)
  8. IS, Isla Atlántida (Puerto del Mar Atlántidano)
  9. JA, Jakiz (Denshire)
  10. LN, La'Libertad del Norte (La'Libertad)
  11. LS, La'Libertad del Sur (Puerto de Libertad)
  12. LU, La'Unión (La'Unión)
  13. NA, Nuevo Atlántida (Ciudad Atlántida)
  14. SAL, Salvador (Salvador)
  15. SLU, San Luís (San Luís)
  16. SMG, San Miguel (San Miguel)
  17. SPB, San Pablo (San Pablo)
  18. SPD, San Pedro (San Pedro)
  19. SRM, Xichútepa (Nuevo Xichútepa)
  20. SS, San Salvador (San Salvador)
  21. SSN, San Salvador del Norte (San Salvador del Norte)
  22. SAN, Santa Ana (Santa Ana)
  23. SMA, Santa María (Santa María)
  24. SVR, Senvar (Puerto Senvar)
  25. SVK, Sonsatepan (Port Sonsatepan)
  26. SON, Sonsonate (Sonsonate)
  27. TAN, Costa Rica (Cidade Rica)
  28. TNO, Cantoño (Puerto del Bahía de Salvador)
  29. ZAP, Zapatista (Tuxtla Martínez)

Demography of Creeperopolis

Government and Politics of Creeperopolis

Politics of Creeperopolis

Foreign Relations of Creeperopolis

Foreign Relations of Creeperopolis

International Organized Membership

The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis is a member of:

Law and Order in Creeperopolis

Military of Creeperopolis

History of Creeperopolis

Culture of Creeperopolis

Culture of Creeperopolis

Religion in Creeperopolis

Religion in Creeperopolis

Art in Creeperopolis

Art of Creeperopolis

Sports in Creeperopolis

Sports in Creeperopolis

Economy and Infrastructure of Creeperopolis

Creeperian economy from 1997-2013.

Economy of Creeperopolis

Education in Creeperopolis

Education in Creeperopolis

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