Operation Yucca

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Operation Yucca
Part of the Siege of San Salvador of the Creeperian Civil War
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1971-107-40, Russland, Kampf um Stalingrad, Infanterie.jpg
Romerist soldiers preparing for a counterattck during Operation Yucca.
TypeLand Invasion Campaign
PlannedApril 3, 1946-May 24, 1946
Planned byNational Council for Peace and Order
Commanded byField Marshals José Bolívar Aguirre, Miguel Salinas Ortega, and Pascual Espinar Casaus
TargetCatholic Imperial Restoration Council
DateMay 24, 1946-July 18, 1946
(1 month, 3 weeks and 3 days)
Executed byMiguelist Army, Miguelist Air Force
OutcomeStrategic Miguelist Victory
Casualties19,183 Romerists, 16,749 Miguelists killed
31,384 Romerists, 28,174 Miguelists injured

Operation Yucca (Creeperian Spanish: Operación Yucca) was a Miguelist land invasion campaign of the city of San Salvador. It resulted in a strategic Miguelist victory and began the Siege of San Salvador.


Beginning on May 24, 1946, the National Council for Peace and Order initiated Operation Yucca to capture a significant portion of the city of San Salvador. The 1st Army, 11th Army, and National Guard advanced north along the Zapatista River and made a river crossing near Lake Zapatista. The 7th and 8th Armies advanced north too with the 7th Army threatening the borders of the State of the Church once more following the end of the Papal War and the 8th Army pushing to the shores of the San Salvador River. The 9th Army pushed north from the opposite side of the Zapatista River and pushed north along the shores of Lake San Salvador in the department of San Luís. The 3rd Army pushed south out of San Salvador del Norte into San Salvador down along the coast of Lake San Salvador.

Battle of Serrada

The Battle of Serrada occured on June 26, 1946, between the opposing forces of the 3rd Romerist Army and the 9th Miguelist Army. The battle was fought between exclusively foreign troops from the 4th Terranilian Infantry Division and the 17th Xussman Infantry Division. The battle resulted in a Terranilian victory after a failed Xussman counterattack. The battle was the first of the Creeperian Civil War to not be fought by ethnic Creeperans on either side.


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