Operation Banana

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Operation Banana
Part of the Creeperian Conflicts and the Second Lyoan Civil War
Operational scopeStrategic
Planned30 March – 16 June 2020
Planned byNational Intelligence Directorate
Creeperian Armed Forces
Special Security Service
Commanded byLeonardo Magrina Magrina
ObjectiveArrest or assassinate Antonio Gisbert Alcabú
Date17 June 2020; 15 months ago (2020-06-17)
12:15 a.m. – 2:10 a.m. (LNT)
Executed byNational Intelligence Directorate
Creeperian Armed Forces
Special Security Service
OutcomeAntonio Gisbert Alcabú arrested
Casualties20 (all ELC and LRCC) killed
6 injured

Operation Banana (Creeperian Spanish: Operación Banana) was the joint Creeperian-Lyoan operation conducted on June 17, 2020, which arrested Antonio Gisbert Alcabú, the President of the Creeperian Government-in-Exile and the leader of the Free Creeperian Army.




At 12:15am LNT (3:15am SST), the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA), the División Azul, and the Special Security Service (SSS) initiated Operation Banana (Operación Banana) to either capture or assassinate Antonio Gisbert Alcabú, the President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Creeperopolis in Exile. Three Maroto Botín MB-33 helicopters, each carrying 7 DINA agents, 7 FAC soldiers, and 2 SSS agents took off from Nyabari Military Airport and flew southeast to Syrina, the capital-in-exile of the Creeperian Government-in-Exile. Each helicopter was armed with a mounted Figueroa-33 Tipo-2013 “Matador” and each agent and soldier had a Figueroa-24 Tipo-2017 with a night vision scope. Everyone had a secondary Figueroa-3 Tipo-2016 pistol. One soldier was armed with a Figueroa-203 Tipo-2014 submachine gun, another with a Figueroa-17 Tipo-2007 sniper rifle with a night vision scope, and another with a Figueroa-818 Tipo-1979 shotgun. Each DINA and SSS agent had a machete. All the pistols and automatic rifles were silenced.

The journey took 36 minutes from Nyabari to Syrina. The helicopter landed one mile away from Syrina in a clearing north of the city. The 48 men march silently through the jungle towards Syrina. The fifteen minute march went uneventful. The soldiers reached the outskirts of the city and slowly made their way under the cover of night to the hotel which was serving as the provisional headquarters of the GPRCE. After five minutes, the soldiers were 20 yards from the building. After entering the hotel and arresting Gisbert Alcabú, an LRCC patrol noticed the group escaping, and opened fire. The FAC, DINA, and SSS men returned fire, eliminating the two LRCC fighters. This alerted more patrols, who began to converge on the area. Another small firefight ensued as the united forces reached the edge of the jungle. Four LRCC men fired, and the agents fired back. One SSS agent was hit in the leg with a bullet, while the LRCC fighters were shot dead. The united FAC, DINA, and SSS forces then disappeared into the bush, marching back to the LZ where the helicopters awaited their arrival. The return trip took another 15 minutes, with the forces quickly loading up. The soldiers then began treating each other’s wounds.

Casualties and losses

The Creeperian-Lyoan operatives only suffered 6 injuries while 13 Free Creeperian Army soldiers and 7 Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council soldiers were killed.


Antonio Gisbert Alcabú was executed by the Creeperian government via a firing squad of tanks on June 18, 2020, during a military parade to commemorate the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état.

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