Northern Lyoa Conflict

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Northern Lyoa Conflict
Part of Internal conflict in Lyoa
FLA rebels.jpg
Rebel fighters of the FLA in 2013.
Northern Lyoa
Result Start of Second Lyoan Civil War.

Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa

Supported by:
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis

FLA flag.png Free Lyoan Army (2012-2020)
ARL Flag.png Army for the Rescue of Lyoa (2004-2020)
ex-Nationalist Front (2003-2005)

Supported by:
SenvarianLiberationFront.png Senvarian Liberation Front
Mara Salvatrucha
Alliance for Liberation and Restoration (2020)
Patriotic Alliance of Revolutionary Forces (2007-2018)
Lyoa Flag.png Tulossa loyalists (2003-2020)
United Self-Defense Movement (2014-2020)
Lyoan Liberation Forces (2014-2020)
January 5th Movement (2020-2020)
Lyoan Integrationist Front (2003-2017)
Movement for Change and Stability (2003-2011)
ex-LIF (2019-2020)
Commanders and leaders
Lyoa Flag.png Kemoh Foday (from 2012)
Lyoa Flag.png Joseph Kyundu (to 2012)
Lyoa Flag.png Marcil Yantanda (to 2006)
FLA flag.png Olivier Tamboa (FLA commander)
ARL Flag.png Charles Myanga (ARL commander)
Alphonse Addame (LLF commander)
Caesar Yituramana (PARF commander)
Istin Gabano (LIF commander)
Jean-Pierre Mdatan (MCS commander)
>100,000 LNDF personnel ~1,000 (FLA)
~100 (ARL)
~200 (LLF)
~2,500 (PARF, 2007)
~1,000 (LIF, 2009)
~900 (MCS, 2009)
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  • Note: Casualty figures are hard to accurately determine due to lack of information.

The Northern Lyoa Conflict was a war in the north of the Republic of Lyoa that began in 2003, immediately following the Lyoan Civil War. The war ended at the beginning of the Second Lyoan Civil War.