Nemeth Accords

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Nemeth Accords
TypeEconomic Alliance
Signed21 August 2022; 45 days ago (2022-08-21)
LocationNemeth, Jackson

The Nemeth Accords are a multilateral treaty signed by Quebecshire, Elueutherios, and Jackson on 21 August 2022. The agreement is in force to present day and contains a number of provisions relating to economics and security goals.

Overview of Terms

General Clauses

The parties to this document are the Serene State of Quebecshire (as defined by the Constitution of Quebecshire), the United States of Jackson (as defined by the Constitution of Jackson), and the Federal Republic of Eleutherios (as defined by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Eleutherios). The parties may not recognize any governments to another party other than those legitimately recognized in the treaty.

Economic Agreements

 Quebecshire will endeavor to export agricultural goods to Jackson.
 Quebecshire will endeavor to export aerospace technologies to Eleutherios.

 Eleutherios will endeavor to export steel and lumber to Jackson.
 Eleutherios allows Quebecshire access to Eleutherios EEC waters.

 Jackson will endeavor to export manufactured goods to Eleutherios.
 Jackson will endeavor to export manufactured goods to Quebecshire.

Defense Clauses

If Jackson's access to the Andaluzian Sea is impeded, Quebecshire and Eleutherios must act in Jackson's defense to ensure its access to global oceans.

Quebecshire may use Jackian airspace for reconnaissance patrols on the condition that Jackian air control is notified when this is in use.

Eleutherios may have a training contingent at a Jackian military base (Benice Air Field) for cross training exercises.