National Council for Peace and Order

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National Council for Peace and Order

Consejo Nacional por'Paz y Orden

Flag of Creeperopolis
Coat of arms of Creeperopolis
Coat of arms
Motto: "Unido por'el Pueblo"
"United for the People"
Anthem: El Internacional
("The International")
Common languagesSpanish
GovernmentCommunist military dictatorship
Historical eraCreeperian Civil War
January 2, 1933
• Romerist Victory
September 30, 1949
CurrencyCreeperian Ruble
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The National Council for Peace and Order (Creeperian Spanish: Consejo Nacional por'Paz y Orden, CNPO) was the military dictatorship that ruled parts of Creeperopolis between January 2, 1933 and October 4, 1949. It was led by Emperor Miguel VII, then later Emperor Marcos I with the Creeperian Armed Forces loyal to the Council holding significant influence. Nicknamed the Miguelists, the Council fought the bloody Creeperian Civil War against the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council, nicknamed the Romerists.

During its reign, the CNPO was the source of mass murder, torture, executions, and unexplained disappearances of Romerists throughout the Creeperian Civil War (especially during the reign of Miguel VII). Romerists, Catholics, and Salvadorans were all targeted with support of the Atheist Red Army. The Creeperian government lists that approximately 11,000,000 were murdered by the Council during De-Catholization.