Massacre of the Seven Thousand

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Massacre of the Seven Thousand
Part of the Partisan Resistance in Creeperopolis and the Creeperian Conflicts
Massacre of the 7000.jpg
Creeperian soldiers after burning the homes of 7,000 suspected partisans.
LocationSalasate, Abdan, Creeperopolis
DateApril 5, 1957
TargetCreeperian Partisans, Communists, Socialists, Atheists
Attack type
Massacre, Mass Execution, Arson, Looting, Mass Rape
WeaponsFigueroa-24 Tipo-1948s
PerpetratorsCreeperian Army
MotiveAnti-Communism, Anti-Atheism

The Massacre of the Seven Thousand (Creeperian Spanish: Masacre de los'Siete Mil), also called the Massacre of Salasate (Masacre de Salasate), was a massacre perpetrated by the 15th Creeperian Army against over 7,000 partisans and civilians in the village of Salasate, Abdan, on April 5, 1957. The massacre saw the deaths of partisan leaders Ernesto Guevara Castro, Alberto Medrano Fuentes, Miguel Arroyave Ruiz, and Víctor Mejía Múnera. Ricardo Klement Encarnación, an officer of the Destacamento Médico de Élite who became the Teguracoa camp doctor on May 30, 1936, and had evaded capture for eight years, was lynched and mutilated during the massacre.