March on Soislaan

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March on Soislaan
Part of The Troubles, Global 2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests, and Malgan ethnic cleansing
Ankara Taksim eylemi5.jpg
Early morning protest before the beginning of the march
DateJun 4, 2020
LocationSoislaan, Kristgen, Terranihil
Caused byMalgan ethnic cleansing
GoalsShut down Soislaan Re-education Facility, help Malgans escape facility
MethodsDemonstrations, riots, arson, shootings, bombings
Parties to the civil conflict

Flag of ZZW (Jewish Military Union).svg Terranilian Resistance
Terranilian protestors

Supported by:
 Greater Sacramento
Lead figures
Flag of ZZW (Jewish Military Union).svg Iza Eser
Casualties and losses
450+ deaths
2000+ injuries
1000+ arrests
90+ deaths
300+ injuries

The March on Soislaan, also known as the Soislaan Massacre, was...


Peaceful March

Attack on barricade

Attack on facility

Front gate

Westside of facility