Movement of Organized Nationalist Action

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Movement of Organized Nationalist Action
Movimiento de Acción Nacionalista Organizado
Participant in the Mara War and Deltinian Insurgency
MLN Logo.svg
Mano Blanca's flag.
IdeologyCreeperian Nationalism
Motive(s)Rise of Mara Salvatrucha
GeneralRaúl Lorenzana Méndez
HeadquartersZapatista, Creeperopolis
Area of operationsCreeperopolis Creeperopolis
ColoursBlue, White, Red
AlliesFALANGE.png FALANGE Creeperopolis Creeperopolis (alleged, denied)
DINA FLAG.jpeg DINA (alleged, denied)
Free christian army 1.png Free Christian Army
HRM Flag.png Holy Resistance Movement
Opponent(s)Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis Creeperian Armed Forces

El Salvador El Salvador
Flag of Senvar.jpeg Senvar

CNCRflag.png Castillianan National Council of Reorganization

Mara Salvatrucha
Abbasid banner.svg Emirate of Deltino

Abbasid banner.svg United Liberation Alliance of Deltino
Abbasid banner.svg Deltinian Patriotic Alliance
23px Alhaz Freedom Fighters
23px Vigilant Atheists
Battles and war(s)Mara War
Deltinian Insurgency
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
CNCRflag.png Castilliano
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Abbasid banner.svg Deltino
El Salvador El Salvador
Flag of Senvar.jpeg Senvar

The Movement of Organized Nationalist Action (Creeperian Spanish: Movimiento de Acción Nacionalista Organizado, abbreviated MANO, also called the Mano Blanca, Creeperian Spanish for White Hand) is a death squad founded during the Mara War. It currently targets members of Mara Salvatrucha and the Deltinian Liberation Army. The Mano Blanca mainly operates in Zapatista, San Pedro, and San Juan.

The flag of the Mano Blanca stands for Martirio, Liberación, Nacionalismo.