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Total population
209,000,000 (2019, The Old Anglic people?) The Old Anglic people? (including those of ancestral descent)
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Malgax.png Malgax207,000,000
Greater Sacramento Greater Sacramento2,000,000
Malgish, Arabic
Schuric Christianiy,Islam
Related ethnic groups
Maungans Tundrans Fellisians Deberics Ivisian Ossinians Demerens Belethi Ustcossics Yerounians Cazzacarics

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Malgans, Malgae are an ethnic group located in the central area of the Western Landmass who share a common Malgan Language and heritage. Malgish is the mother tongue. The term Malgan historically refers to the general population in the central regional of the western landmass bordering Quebecshire, Terranihil, Gagium, and the Cronan Lake/Sea. Nearly all native speakers consider themselves in some way Malgan other than a large minority of Cazzacarics.


The origin of the Malgish Malgae is the Aurebeshized genitive form of Malgax, meaning that Malgae means "of Malgax." With the Old Malgish form being Malgan.


The Malgans originated in what is now Groffenord before migrating south for unknown reasons, though overpopulation, invasion from other Anglic-speaking peoples, or intense weather change are the three most supported origins. The Malgan migration is believed to have been started around 4,000 BC and ended around 3,900. The reason as to why they went as far south as they did, passing through large tracts of uninhabited fertile territory without settling. These early Malgans eventually settled in what is now Malgax (excluding Yerounia), starting out in the central valley before expanding outward, dividing into tribes and communities within the numerous territories of what would be Malgax.

Sub Ethnicities

The Malgan are not just one homogenous group but rather a collection of closely related groups united in language and heritage divided by geographic features. These groups are: