Lyoan crime family

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Lyoan crime family
Founded1977; 45 years ago (1977)
FounderAnthony Sadala
Founding locationKasimia, Lyoa
Years active1977 - present
TerritoryVarious neighborhoods in major Lyoan cities
EthnicityMade members are of Kindu or Lakku descent, other ethnicities are associates
Membership200-250 made members, 3,000-5,000 associates
Leader(s)Joseph Matata
ActivitiesRacketeering, extortion, fraud, illegal gambling, money laundering, murder, robbery, loansharking, smuggling, and illegal mining
AlliesMai-Mai Nkutu
RivalsVarious street gangs and cartels, including Mara Salvatrucha

The Lyoan crime family (often simply referred to as The Family or The Mafia) is a Lyoan criminal organization based in Kasimia, Abari. It is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Lyoa, often times being more influential than the government. Authorities have unsuccessfully tried to take down the family on multiple occasions, often followed by periods of violence as a result. It is classified as a Class D Organized Criminal Group by the government's armed group rating system.

Founded in 1977, the family was originally a minor player in organized crime. Its founder and then-boss, Anthony Sadala, was originally content with controlling certain aspects of organized crime in Kasimia city. Sadala was assassinated in 1980 by his underboss, Paul Mbumba, who took control of the family following Sadala's death. Under Mbumba, the family expanded its organized crime, and eventually became the most powerful criminal group in western Lyoa.

After a failed crackdown by the government of Laurent Tulossa that resulted in a period of violence by the mafia, the Tulossa regime began to work with the family. This allowed the family to grow to eventually become the most powerful criminal group in Lyoa. Controlling everything from illegal gambling to legitimate businesses, the mafia essentially controlled all aspects of organized crime in Lyoa by 1992. The outbreak of the Lyoan Civil War caused the mob's power to decrease, but it rebounded following the war. The Revolutionary United Front government has tried multiple times to destroy the mafia, but has failed every time. Despite this, the mafia's power has since declined. As of 2017, the boss of the mafia was Joseph Matata.



The origins of the Lyoan mafia can be traced to a street gang in Kasimia known as the "Snakeheads". At the time of the mafia's founding, the Snakeheads were the largest criminal group in Kasimia. Despite this, the group operated more as a gang than an organized crime group. This disorganization frustrated then-member Anthony Sadala. In 1977, Sadala split from the Snakeheads, taking several members with him in order to create a more organized group which would allow them to make more money in the city. He would come to call this organization "The Family", which the media would also begin to dub "The Mafia". The group instituted a system in which members would be "made", where a ritual took place that swore the members to a code of honor which enabled them to join the family. Breaking this honor code was punishable by death.

Current Family Memebers

The following is a list of known members of the Lyoan mafia.



  • James Kazadi – Tigera crew
  • Christophe Nendaka – New Bostonia crew
  • Pierre Kasonga
  • Paul Mabaya – Itheru crew


  • Leon Mulumba – Born c. 1968, was arrested and convicted on charges of loansharking and assault in 2004, sentenced to 14 years. Was released in 2018.
  • Samuel Runiga
  • John Kapinga – Arrested in 2009 for murder, but was acquitted due to lack of evidence.
  • Paul Kikuni
  • Emile Malemba
  • Jean-Luc Mwange – Reportedly involved in a loansharking operation in Itheru city.
  • Mathieu Kashamura – Believed to be a hitman for capo James Kazadi.