Lyoan Revolution

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Lyoan Revolution
DateAugust 12, 1967-November 20, 1967
Western Lyoa

Lyoan Revolutionary Alliance victory

New Lyoa Kingdom flag.png New Lyoa Kingdom Lyoan Revolutionary Alliance
Commanders and leaders
Ntare II
Anton Yeteka
Joseph Kyangyu
Cyril Nakunguza
Kior Tembe
Units involved

Royal Lyoan Armed Forces

  • Royal Lyoan Army
  • Royal Lyoan Air Force
Various rebel forces
35,000 25,000
Casualties and losses
2,094 killed 1,349 killed

The Lyoan Revolution was a civil war in Lyoa that lasted from August 12-November 20, 1967. The revolution began after calls for a transition to a democratic system were ignored by the monarchical government. Protests began, that were suppressed by the government, which caused the formation of rebel movements to overthrow the monarchy.