Lyoa National Defense Force

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Lyoa National Defense Force
LNDF Logo.png
Logo of the LNDF, which is also the seal of Lyoa.
FoundedDecember 1, 1967
Service branchesLyoa National Army
Lyoa National Navy
Lyoa National Air Force
Anti-Terrorist Unit
HeadquartersTigera, Lyoa
Commander-in-ChiefLyoa Flag.png President Kemoh Foday
Secretary of DefenseLyoa Flag.png Alexander Nyarashe
Commander of the Defense ForcesLyoa Flag.png General Johnny Tyurahutse
Military age18
Active personnel~250,000
BudgetLY$1.3 billion
Percent of GDP3%
Domestic suppliersSeveral arms plants in Abari province
Foreign suppliersCreeperopolis Creeperopolis

The Lyoa National Defense Force is the state organization responsible for the defense of Lyoa. The current LNDF was formed out of the peace process that ended the Lyoan Civil War.

It was created after the Lyoan Revolution in 1967 when the democratic revolutionaries restructured the Royal Lyoan Armed Forces. The LNDF did not engage in any major conflicts besides minor insurrections until the Lyoan Civil War, when it was virtually destroyed. The majority of the LNDF is made up of land forces, but a navy exists as well as a small air force.