List of mountain ranges in Creeperopolis

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The following is a list of mountain ranges in Creeperopolis.

List of mountain ranges

Range Map Image Department(s) Tallest Peak
Atlántidan Range Atlántidan Range.png Atlántida, La'Libertad del Sur Atlántidan Volcano
Creeperian Range Creeperian Range.png Cantoño, San Miguel, San Romero Yagüe Peak
Deltinian Rise Deltinian Rise.png San Juan Santiago Peak
Islan Range Islan Range.png Isla Atlántida Islan Point
Salvadoran Range Salvadoran Range.png Salvadoran Range Castilliano, El Salvador, San Miguel, San Pablo, Santa Ana Aconcagua
San Luísian Range San Luísian Range.png San Luís, San Salvador, Zapatista San Luís Volcano
Santa Anan Range Santa Anan Range.png Castilliano, La'Unión, San Miguel, San Salvador, San Salvador del Norte, Senvar Santa Ana Volcano

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