List of cities in Karimun

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Rank City Population Divisions Image Description
1 Surabaya 1,992,120 Surabaya Kota1.jpg Surabaya which is the largest city in Karimun with over 1.9 million residents, Surabaya is a city of industry, the automobile center of Karimun, the city has long history as the center of textiles Industry in the 14th century, and Surabaya Institute of Technology located here.
2 Denpasar 3.890 million Denpasar Kuta Beach (6924448550).jpg Denpasar, the second largest city famous with its white and sandy beaches like Kutai, Laskar, Vida, and Harmony Beaches, one of the most popular tourism spot in Karimun and also have the lowest precipitation in the country making it very hot.
3 Johenavi 1,980,450 Johenavi
Johenavi Roundabout
Johenavi is the third largest and second-oldest city in Karimun, built-in 1781 as Worker Town for a gold mine in Sadhana, Johenavi developed into middle income city afterwards
4 [[]] [[]] 250px Chatrois is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Chapais and the fourth largest city in Gagium. Chatrois is a major economic hub in the nation and is home to a booming tourism industry because of the many theme parks based in the city and its practically subtropical location. Chatrois was established in 1785, but natives had been living on the land prior to that.
5 Allen 1.524 million Gourel Downtown Oklahoma City skyline.jpg Allen is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Gourel and the fifth largest city in Gagium. The city, founded in 1829 in the midst of the industrial era, quickly became a booming railroad junction. It now is home to several manufacturing companies, and used to be known as the "Steel Capital of Gagium".
6 Laurillac 1.220 million Suntona Harrisburg, Pennsylvania State Capitol Building.jpg Laurillac was founded in 1712 as Fort Laurillac and became the capital of a young Gagium in 1835. It is still the capital today and is home to most national-level government institutions, as well as numerous law firms and other companies. The city is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Suntona.
7 New Vitre 1.091 million Veyrac 250px New Vitre is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Veyrac, with a population of much over a million people. It was founded in 1743 by Quebecshirite colonists and soon became embroiled in a struggle against the indigenous people. Today, it is regarded as the scientific capital of the nation, and is home to numerous technology companies.
8 Fort Crowsea 879,400 Mayres 250px
9 Lescavan 621,500 Etrine 250px
10 Austrel 376,000 Abagail 250px
11 Gaillon 292,600 Rachelia 250px
12 Toissel 261,700 Rachelia 250px
13 Vaunillon 225,000 Veyrac 250px
14 Thulay 194,500 Etrine 250px
15 Karnhac 178,900 Suntona 250px
16 Escounets 154,300 Etrine 250px
17 Calzatoja 143,500 Poissac 250px
18 Syon 142,700 Rachelia 250px
19 Foulaures 128,600 Westmoreland 250px
20 Auppegard 123,300 Meuzac 250px
21 Roquevaire 119,400 Mayres 250px
22 Prahas 104,200 Chapais 250px
23 Prats 96,400 Belvoir 250px
24 Maurel 89,400 Chapais 250px
25 Montibrot 83,100 Abagail 250px