Land Tirol di Treusin

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Land Tirol di Treusin
Translation: Loyalty to the land Tirol
Strauss I - 228-Radetzky-Marsch.jpg
Radetzky March by Johann Strauss Sr, cover sheet, 1848

National anthem of  Tirol
Also known as"Radetzky Marsch" (Translation: "Radetzky March")
LyricsJohann Strauss, 1912
MusicJohann Strauss, 1897
Audio sample
"Land Tirol di Treusin" (Instrumental, one verse)

"Land Tirol di Treusin", (also Radetzky Marsch) is a march composed by Johann Strauss and dedicated to Field Marshal Joseph Radetsca di Radesc. First performed on 31 August 1848 in Innsbruck, it soon became popular among regimented marching soldiers. It has been noted that its tone is more celebratory than martial; Strauss was commissioned to write the piece to commemorate Radetzky's victory at the Battle of Custoza. The song has been the national anthem of Tirol since 1921, with varying lyrics as different ideologies have gained power.