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lingaz ladin, ladin
Ladin2 K.jpg
Native toTirol
Native speakers
~24,000,000 (2006–2011)
Official status
Official language in
Regulated byLadin Institute
Language codes
ISO 639-3lld
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Ladin (autonym: ladin) is a Ayeroshubic language of the Rhaetic subgroup, mainly spoken in the Dolomita, by the Tirolër people. It exhibits some similarities to Quebecshirite due to the shared linguistic roots and extensive historic trading.

The precise extension of the Ladin language area is a subject of scholarly debate. A more narrow perspective includes only the dialects of the valleys around the Inn, while wider definitions comprise the dialects of adjacent valleys in all the provinces of Tirol, this is rooted in a dispute of the status of the Tiroleus Dialect, which the Government of Tirol refuses to recognise as an independent language, though many linguists argue it differs too substantially to be considered a dialect.

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