LCN crime family

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LCN crime family
Founded byLyoa
Founding locationLCN Discord Server, LCN
Years active2020
TerritoryVarious channels on the LCN discord server, regional message board, direct message groups (alleged)
EthnicityEthnic LCNers
Membership (est.)6-10 made members, several associates
Criminal activitiesFraud, loan sharking, arms trafficking, tax evasion
AlliesFive Families, Chicago Outfit, Gamma Delta Rho Sigma, Calamarian Financial Assistance Corporation
RivalsLCN Government

The LCN crime family, also called the LCN Mafia, was an ethnic LCNer organized crime syndicate based in the LCN Discord Server. It was part of the NationStates Mafia.

The LCN crime family rose to power in late summer 2020 after it was founded by Lyoa. Its membership included several Council Delegates as well as members of the League's Police Force. Chief of Police Amaan land incorrectly assumed that the mafia was infiltrated by the police. The organization operated with the Calamarian Financial Assistance Corporation, a loan sharking organization, but broke off ties after the company became the Creeperian Financial Assistance Corporation.

Former Family Members

Structure of the LCN crime family




Operation Tim

The chat used by the Mafia.

Operation Tim was an illegal covert operation conducted by the LCN crime family from August 11 to 12, 2020. The operation's primary goal was to secure 250,000 Leaguecredits worth of contraband known as "Tim"s for the Mafia's possession. The Calamarian Financial Assistance Corporation was complacent with the operation and took an active part in it. The operation was exposed after Creeperopolis took over control of the company from Calamari on August 31, 2020, after a deal for immunity in exchange for all knowledge of the operation.


Role Plotter Penalty
Organizer, Leader, Planner, Spammer Calamari Granted Immunity
Planner, Spammer, Buyer Creeperopolis Granted Immunity
Planner, Possessor Dannisaurous 10,000 fine
Planner, Creator, Deleter Eminople 20,000 fine
Planner Gagium 10,000 fine
Planner, Spammer Greater Sacramento 10,000 fine
Organizer, Planner, Spammer Lyoa 10,000 fine
Planner Washingtonian Republic 10,000 fine
Planner Willdavie 10,000 fine
Planner, Spammer Xusma 10,000 fine

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