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LCN Wiki
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LCN Wiki on 1 July 2020.
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia
Available inEnglish
Predecessor(s)LCN Wiki (2017)
OwnerThe LCN Wiki Organization
RegistrationOptional for viewing; required for editing
Launched12 March 2020; 4 years ago (2020-03-12)
Current statusActive

LCN Wiki is an online encyclopedia created and maintained as an open collaboration project by a community of editors using a wiki-based editing system. It is the largest and most popular general reference work in The League (TL). It features exclusively free content and no commercial ads and is owned by The LCN Wiki Organization (LCNWO), composed of Quebecshire and Terranihil. LCN Wiki was launched on 12 March 2020. It hosts the Terraconserva Roleplay and documents information about The League.



Members of the LCN spamming "Assomble" since Creeperopolis cannot spell.

Before the creation of LCN Wiki, the Terraconserva Roleplay used IIWiki. Most role-players were content with IIWiki, until the IIWiki dispute on 25 January 2020. The moderators temporarily banned Creeperopolis for allegedly plagiarizing from Wikipedia to create the Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 page.[citation needed]

Creeperopolis and several other LCN members, including Calamari, Greater Sacramento, Willdavie, Lyoa and Terranihil, joined IIWiki's Discord server to appeal the ban. The appeal escalated into spam, with LCNers repeatedly posting "server coup" surounded by crab emojis, "Terraconserva Frog Front", and Assomble. The IIWiki moderators decided to ban most LCNers from their server.

Founding of the company

After the dispute, many LCNers became discontent with IIWiki. Greater Sacramento stated that the LCN should have its own wiki. Most people did not show immediate interest. Terranihil initially dismissed the idea as unrealistic. However, after talking more with Greater Sacramento, Terranihil decided a private wiki for the LCN was a good idea. Progression with the project was delayed for a time because Greater Sacramento was seemingly scammed by his computer provider. Greater Sacremento then sent a request to the Consulate to form a new private institution called The LCN Wiki Organization (LCNWO), with Greater Sacramento and Terranihil each owning half of the organization. Approval of the institution was delayed for some time, but it was approved around early March. Quebecshire offered to help pay for server hosting the wiki in exchange for partial ownership of the organization; Greater Sacramento and Terranihil agreed.

Setting up the wiki

Greater Sacramento initally handled most of the coding and installation of the wiki and successfully set up the website. Terranihil handled setting up the website domain and certifying the website. Trouble arose with certification and a coding error led to the server failing. Terranihil spent several days attempting to fix the error. Greater Sacramento noticed that several unknown IPs were entering the site, which were traced back to other countries such as China and Israel. Eventually, Terranihil fixed the coding issue and certified the website.


General policies

  1. The LCN Wiki Organization, which owns and operates LCN Wiki, follows the regulations of CRL 14 – An Act to Regulate the Private Market.[1] In accordance with the law, all content that threatens the collapse of the LCN government, violates the NationStates platform's rules, encourages the bullying or harassment of an individual (this does not include criticism of ones' ideas), encourages harm to the LCN, encourages the promotion of an outside region, encourages movement away from the LCN, and/or violates any standing laws will be removed.
  2. The LCN Wiki Organization has complete authority to allow or remove content on the LCN Wiki, as long as it is in accordance with CRL 14.
  3. Only approved users may make edits. Accounts that have not been approved by The LCN Wiki Organization will be blocked.
  4. Vandalism, defined as action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to the wiki and its pages, is not allowed. This includes vandalism intended as a joke.
  5. All pages should be approporiately categorized.
  6. All pages should be written from a neutral stance.
  7. All pages and page titles should be written in English.
  8. Users who break the rules will be met with punishments. The LCN Wiki Organization may issue warnings for rule breaks. If rule breaks continue after a warning, The LCN Wiki Organization may issue a temporary ban. If rule breaks continue after a temporary ban, The LCN Wiki Organization may issue a permanent ban.
  9. Only Wiki moderators can delete pages. If a non-moderator wishes to have a page deleted, add it to the Delete category.
  10. Requests for templates and extensions should be made in The LCN Wiki Organization channel on the LCN Discord server.

If anyone wishes to donate to help keep the Wiki keep operating, contact Terranihil. Hosting the wiki costs five dollars every month. The LCN Wiki Organization is a non-profit organization, so all donations will strictly be used for the Wiki.

Terraconserva Roleplay rules

The LCN Wiki Organization allows the Terraconserva Roleplay Association to manage wiki content as it sees fit as long as it follows the Wiki's general policies.

Regional pages rules

  1. All information in regional pages must be factual and supported by citations.


The LCN Wiki Organization, composed of Quebecshire and Terranihil, is the creator, operator, and moderator of the LCN Wiki. As stated in the general policies, LCNWO has the authority to manage all content on the wiki. Other Wiki moderators include Creeperopolis, who assists in importing templates and managing Terraconserva Roleplay pages.


Terraconserva Roleplay

The Terraconserva Roleplay documents events that occur in its fictional universe on LCN Wiki. The LCN Organization and Terraconserva Roleplay Association, although closely related, are not the same institution. Pages for the roleplay are featured at the Terraconserva portal.

Regional pages

LCN Wiki documents events and documents relating to The League that occur on NationStates and Discord. Regional pages are featured in the Regional Pages category.


LCN Wiki allows the documentation of important events in games, such as Minecraft and AtWar. Icaris has also been approved to make pages for his personal roleplay unrelated to the Terraconserva Roleplay.

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  1. Greater Sacramento (14 October 2019). "CRL 14 – An Act to Regulate the Private Market". NationStates. LCN Council Archive. Archived from the original on 6 March 2021. Retrieved 1 July 2020.

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