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LCN Lobby For The Destruction Of Military Esports Teams
FormationJuly 3, 2020; 6 months ago (2020-07-03)
FounderSan Carlos Islands
PurposeTo destroy the esports teams of global military organizations.
Key people
San Carlos Islands

The LCN Lobby For The Destruction Of Military Esports Teams (LCNLFTDOMET) is a lobbying organization within the League of Conservative Nations that advocates against the esports teams of global military organizations. The current president of LCNLFTDOMET is San Carlos Islands.

Bureaucratic interaction

As July 27th, 2020 the LCN Lobby For The Destruction Of Military Esports Teams has interacted with the following two bureaucrats.

Senator Tom Cotton

On July 24th, 2020 LCNLFTDOMET President San Carlos Islands received a phone call from the office of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton implying support for the goals of LCNLFTDOMET.

The office of Senator Cotton stated that despite $3,600 being a drop in the bucket of the $700 Billion Department of Defense budget, they believe the United States Air Force Minecraft server and by extension the United States Air Force esports team was still a waste of taxpayer dollars. The office of Senator Cotton affirmed that the USAF Minecraft server also posed security problems as non airmen were accessing the server to ask military members about war crimes.

San Carlos Islands was further notified by the staff of this Senator's office that the Air Force esports team are not only playing Minecraft but games such as Candy Crush, Call of Duty, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. San Carlos Islands and the worker making the phone call discussed that while this may be a scheme to recruit younger individuals to the Air Force, it doesn't prepare recruits to be dropped into countries like Iraq or Afghanistan to fight the enemies of the United States.

San Carlos Islands's query was forwarded to the Military and Defense advisor in Senator Cotton's office.

Congressman Steve Womack

On July 27th, 2020 President San Carlos Islands received a letter in the mail from Arkansas 3rd Congressional District Representative Steve Womack stating his appreciation for San Carlos Islands's "concern for national security and [American] debt" and commending him for "being active in [the American] system of government."

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Spode contacted Tammy Baldwin, and received the following message on Jul 3, 2020.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Your views are important to my work in the United States Senate on behalf of the people of Wisconsin and I appreciate you taking the time to contact me. I will be sending you a full response to the issues you shared with me, but in the meantime, I want to let you know that I received your message and value your thoughts.

If you have written regarding a problem you are having with a federal agency, a caseworker in one of my Wisconsin offices will be contacting you shortly. To expedite direct contact with a caseworker you may also call my Madison office (608-264-5338) for assistance.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.

— Tammy Baldwin

While he received a standard email, no other response has been recorded to present.