Jorge González Marées

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In this Creeperian name, the first or paternal surname is González and the second or maternal family name is Marées.
Jorge González Marées
González Marées in 1925.
González Marées in 1925.
Jorge Santiago González y Marées

10 June 1894
Died14 March 1926(1926-03-14) (aged 31)
Cause of deathExecution by hanging
Nationality Creeperopolis
Other names"El Jefe"
Years active1922–1925
Known forStaging the San Pedro Incident
Political party Action Party for San Pedro
Criminal statusDeceased
Criminal chargeHigh treason
Establishing and leading a criminal organization
Murder (x21)
Attempted murder (x23)

Jorge Santiago González y Marées (10 June 1894 – 14 March 1926) was a political activist and a convicted criminal who was the founder and leader of the Action Party for San Pedro from 1922 to 1925. He was executed for his role in the San Pedro Incident which occurred on 5 September 1925.