Jacksonville City

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Jacksonville City
National Capital
Jacksonville City's Skyline
Jacksonville City's Skyline
"Never lose hope, always cope."
Jacksonville City's Location in Jackson
Jacksonville City's Location in Jackson
Founded byJack I
Named forJackson
 • TypeMetropolitan
 • MayorAndrew Intamin (Jackson Social Democratic Party JSDP)
 • Total16.7 million
 • Rank1st
Area code(s)001

Jacksonville City is the most populated and most important city in Jackson. It is the nation's capital and also the capital for trade and culture. It was founded by the self proclaimed king of Jackson, Jack I. Jack I founded Jacksonville City after settlers found the natural port of Jacksonville City and established a small outpost there. He did nothing else in his reign to make Jackson a full country except build the city into a megalopolis. After his death, the people of Jacksonville City created the country of Jackson named after him, and turned the country into a full democracy. Even to this day, Jackson and all of its neighboring cities are the basis of Jackson's economy and populace.