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United States of Jackson

Flag of Jackson
Coat of arms of Jackson
Coat of arms
Motto: "Nothing waits beyond these office walls."
and largest city
Jacksonville City
Official languagesJackian
Ethnic groups
None official
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Sydney Johnson
• 2019 estimate
85.3 million (10th)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$10.2 trillion Jackian dollars (₵5.1 trillion Quebecshirite Credits) (5th)
• Per capita
$118,346 Jackian Dollars (₵59,173 Quebecshirite Credits) (3rd)
Gini (2018)Positive decrease 14.3
HDI (2018)Increase 0.940
very high · 4th
CurrencyJackian Dollar (JSD)
Time zoneAMT-4 (JST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+2
Internet TLD.js

Jackson, officially the United States of Jackson, is an economically powerful country located in the southwest of the continent Ecros. Its eastern border is made up by the Jack River and Lake Manal. To its south is the Andaluzian Sea and to its west is inhospitable mountains. Jackson's largest city and capital of Jacksonville City is located near the eastern border on the Jack River, although the cities of Benice, Nemeth, and Greenville are also regarded as important historical capitals.

Jackson is led by President Sydney Johnson, the 11th president of Jackson. Jackson is notable for its many major cities and vast urban landscape, a ban on privately owned vehicles, and many high quality cheeses. Jackson has 3 political parties, see list of current political outcomes here.


Roots of Civilization

The Jackian people are derived from Romanyans that settled the area now known as Greenville in 56AD. The Romanyans settled the land and set up basic villages and irrigation systems. Due to their large distance, the Jackian people and the Jackian language started to become more distinct from the Romanyan language. The Yeronia province of the Romanyan Empire broke away into the Kingdom of Yeronia. This kingdom would end up splitting in 103AD due to differences between the native people and the Jackians. It split into Zuidwesten and the Citystate of Jackson.

Founding of Jackson

The Citystate of Jacksonville was officially founded on March 11, 103AD by King Jack I after the collapse of the Kingdom of Yeronia, the first and only king of modern-day Jackson. Jack I was mainly focused on building Jacksonville City into a major city, as the land surrounding it was all that Jackson controlled. After his death on April 17, 121AD, it was unsure what to do with the country, since Jack had no successors. It was decided by the de-facto ruler of Jackson, Jack I's wife, to reclassify the country to the United States of Jackson, with Jacksonville being the first state, and turn the country into a presidential republic where the people elect state delegates for a senate, and the people vote in local state elections for the president. The Consulate of Jackson was also established to keep some semblance to the citystate and keep what remained of the royal family in power. Each state was assigned seats based on their population[1]. Ben Blase was elected as the first president of Jackson on September 1, 1910.

Early History

The presidency of Ben Blase was very influential and eventful for Jackson. In his presidency, he majorly expanded Jackson into new states, like Riverside and Nemeth, and also grew the economy majorly. While Jack I was mainly focused on trading various cheeses in Jacksonville City, Ben Blase expanded the country and turned it into a prosperous trading hub. Though his main goal was expansion, he also increased the HDI of Jackson significantly. He paved the way for the next few presidents to turn Jackson into an empire.

The Empire

Modern Times


Jackson sits upon Lake Manal and the Jack River to the east, which provide ocean access and flat lands to farm and build cities on. To the south is the Andaluzian Sea, which provides rougher, but more direct, access to the ocean for Greenville. To the west of Jackson is sparsely populated mountainous terrain. There are many valleys between the mountains which provide great land for agriculture via irrigation, mining, and manufacturing. Jackson controls all of Lake Manal and the Jack River, making it the dominant force in that region. The many port cities on the lake make it one of the busiest shipping lanes in all of Terraconserva.


Jackson's economy is based on exporting software, oil, manufactured goods, shipbuilding, train building, hardware, medical technology, and cheese; along with financial services and tourism. There are no taxes at all in Jackson, with the government making a bulk of its income in tariffs. Jackson's biggest imports are raw ores, food products, and refugees from Terranihil. Jackson's economy has only recently moved away from mainly cheese exports as a source of revenue due to the influx of tourists coming to Jackson and rapidly industrializing cities. Jackson judges the financial stability in nations using the Jackson Credit Score operated by Madison Credit Company, which in turn judges its trading partners. It should also be noted that Jackson has signed the Nemeth Accords, providing more economic growth and trade with Quebecshire and Eleutherios.

Jackson Exports in 2022

  Manufactured Products (32%)
  Shipping & Watercraft (21%)
  Software/OS/Firmware (18%)
  Medical Technology (7%)
  Hardware (7%)
  Crude Oil (5%)
  Locomotives (5%)
  Food Products (cheese) (3%)
  Licenses & Patents (3%)
  Others (3%)
Rank Country Biggest Import Economic Treaty
1  Quebecshire Food Products Yes
2  Paleocacher Raw Ores Yes
3  Creeperopolis Manufactured Goods[2] No
4  Salisford Food Products and Raw Ores Yes
5  Eleutherios Lumber and Military Equipment Yes
Rank Country Biggest Export Economic Treaty
1  Quebecshire Manufactured Goods and Software Yes
2  Paleocacher Manufactured Goods and Oil Yes
3  Kivu Manufactured Goods and Ships No
4  Salisford Oil and Medical Technology Yes
5  Eleutherios Cheese and Manufactured Goods Yes

Major Cities

Jackson is a highly urbanized nation, over 50% of the population lives in one of the top 5 most populated cities. All of Jackson's major cities are located near a body of water. Virtually all of Jackson's GDP is produced or transported through these cities, as they all have major ports and airports. Jackson's capital alone, Jacksonville City, generates 30% of total GDP. It is very well known that Jackson's major cities do not tolerate air pollution. All industry is legally required to be outside of the city limits.

Rank City Population Is Capital Body of Water
1 Jacksonville City 16,665,008 Yes Jack River
2 Benice 12,201,095 No Lake Manal
3 Nemeth 11,876,157 No Lake Manal
4 Greenville 8,556,174 No Andaluzian Sea
5 Madison 7,289,554 No Lake Manal



Summary of Laws

Weapon Ownership: Firearm ownership is guaranteed by the Constitution of Jackson. Citizens are allowed to possess military style firearms and carry weapons outside of the home if they possess a permit. Restrictions on this right include prohibitions on explosives and ownership by violent felons.

Law Enforcement: The Federal Government of Jackson will process criminals involved in illegal immigration, fraud, money laundering, “cooking the books”, and tariff evasion. All other criminals will be processed at a district or city level, depending on the severity.

Education: All Jackian citizens must complete grades K-12, and free university level education is provided to all birth-citizens.

Taxation: There are no federal taxes in Jackson.

Political Contributions by Corporations: Corporations may make donations to political parties. Unlike normal donations, though, companies must disclose the exact amount donated to shareholders and the Reserve Bank of Jackson.

Monetary Policy: The Federal Bank of Jackson is the governmental body that is responsible for printing money and setting interest rates. They seek to maintain a 1.8% inflation rate for the Jackian Dollar.

Drug Laws: Drug laws are only set at the federal level; recreational and medicinal cannabis is legal in Jackson, though hard drugs remain illegal.

Prisons: Prisons are directly controlled and regulated by the federal government, the operation of which is partially funded by the provinces. This is to provide a standard level of regulation across the country. Private or for-profit prisons are banned.

Diplomatic Relations

Jackson has some strong diplomatic relations with other countries. This can be seen on the official Jackian travel advisory where allies like Ajakanistan get rated higher than non-allies, even if they may be safer for Jackian citizens. Jackson is allied with Quebecshire and Eleutherios due to the Nemeth Accords, an economic and defense alliance. Jackson is also allied with Tirol due to the Ampëz Accords, and Jackson is allied with Paleocacher, Reykanes, and Salisford as well due to the JASAREPA alliance.


  1. The seats for senate delegate used to be updated every election cycle, or 5 years, but it was decided by the senate in 2000 to not increase the seats until 2030 due to popular opinion being that there were too many delegates, which leaves Jackson with 55 today.
  2. This position is highly speculative, as Jackson has not published any trading data with Creeperopolis.