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Map of the members of JASAREPA.
  • Map of the members of JASAREPA.
HeadquartersWorld Trade Center in Benice, Jackson
Official languagesJackian, Salisfordian, Reykani, Cantuath
TypeTrade and economic alliance
• Heads of state
Establishment12 March 1963; 61 years ago (1963-03-12)
• 2020 estimate
385 million
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
₵18.4 trillion credits
• Per capita
₵41,659.34 credits
CurrencySelkies (SLK), Dollars (JSD), Lire (SFL), Krabbi (KR)

JASAREPA is the acronym coined to associate the four members : Jackson, Salisford, Reykanes and Paleocacher and is a trade and economic alliance. The organization was established in 12 March 1963 and is currently composed of four member nations from all around the world. The HQ of JASAREPA is the World Trade Center that is located in Benice, Jackson. It is the tallest building in Terraconserva and was completed in 2022.




  • Build in a participatory and consensual way an area of deep integration to move progressively towards the free mobility of goods, services, resources and people.
  • Drive further growth, development and competitiveness of the economies of its members, focused on achieving greater well-being, overcoming socioeconomic inequality and promote the social inclusion of its inhabitants.
  • Become a platform of political articulation, economic and commercial integration and projection to the world, with emphasis on the regions.
  • Free mobility of people.
  • Creation of a scientific research network on climate change.
  • Academic and student exchange.
  • Cultural promotion.
  • Integration of securities markets.
  • Opening of joint commercial offices and participation in fairs and exhibitions in the same space.
  • Improvement in the competitiveness and innovation of micro, small and medium enterprises.


Sr. No. Date(s) Host country Host leader Location Notes
1st 12 March 1963


Current Members

Flag Arms Country Area Population Capital GDP (nominal) GDP (nominal) per capita
Jackson Jammy Shield.png Jackson 2,846,107 km² 85,300,000 Jacksonville City ₵5.1 trillion ₵59,173
Reykanes Reykanes Coat of Arms.png Reykanes 3,884,982 km² 3,569,266 Hafnir ₵217 Billion ₵60,997
Paleocacher Paleocacherian Coat Of Arms.png Paleocacher 7,594,725 km² 207,516,400 Gardena ₵9.58 trillion ₵46,188
Salisford Salisford Lesser Coat of Arms.png Salisford 90,780,000 Savotta ₵3.5 trillion ₵32,138

Current heads of state

Head of state Office Assumed office
Sydneyjohnson2022.jpg Sydney Johnson President of Jackson 1 September 2020
Jón Bjarnason.jpg Jón Bjarnason Prime Minster of Reykanes 30 July 2017
President James Fulkerson.jpg James Fulkerson President of Paleocacher 13 April 2020
Francesco II of Salisford
Francesco II King of Salisford 1 June 2015