Imperial Cross of San Romero the Martyr

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Imperial Cross of San Romero the Martyr
Imperial Cross of San Romero the Martyr.jpg
Grand Cross grade of the Imperial Cross.
Awarded by Creeperopolis House of Martínez
TypeImperial Order of Chivalry
EstablishedJuly 6, 1987
Country Creeperopolis
Royal houseHouse of Martínez
Religious affiliationCreeperian Catholicism
MottoCon San Romero, Ganaramos
EligibilityHighest national award, for exceptional service to the Fatherland above and beyond the call of duty, for putting one's life in exceptional risk for the Fatherland's well-being, for exceptional contributions to the Fatherland in a non-combatant manner
FounderRomero III
Grand MasterAlexander II
ClassesGrand Collar
Grand Cross
First induction1987
Last induction2020
Total inductees103
Next (higher)Imperial Order of the Papal and Creeperian Cross
Next (lower)Imperial Order of Miguel the Great
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The Imperial Cross of San Romero the Martyr (Creeperian Spanish: Cruz Imperial de San Romero el Mártir, abbreviated CI SRM) is the highest single award granded by Creeperopolis to any person, civilian or military, and the second highest which can be granted to the Emperor and the Pope.

Members and Masters

Grand Masters of the Cross

  1. Creeperopolis Romero III (1987-1999)
  2. Creeperopolis Alfonso VI (1999-2003)
  3. Creeperopolis Alexander II (2003-present)

Living Members

  1. Creeperopolis Alexander II – Reigning Emperor of Creeperopolis and the Creeperans
  2. Creeperopolis Alexander Martínez Santos – Current Prince of Extremadura
  3. Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez – Incumbent Minister of Defense of Creeperopolis
  4. Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez – Incumbent Minister of Defense of Creeperopolis (2)
  5. Creeperopolis José Guerrero López – Incumbent Chief Admiral of Creeperopolis
  6. Creeperopolis Gustavo Leigh Guzmán – Incumbent Chief General of Creeperopolis
  7. Creeperopolis Felipe Cambeiro Cavallería – Former Chief General of Creeperopolis
  8. Creeperopolis César Mendoza Durán – Incumbent Chief Guard of Creeperopolis
  9. Creeperopolis Ricardo Oviedo Menanteau – Incumbent Field Marshal of the I Creeperian Army Corps
  10. Creeperopolis José Sáenz Morales – Incumbent Secretary of the Creeperian Initiative
  11. Creeperopolis Venancio López Requena – Retired Field Marshal of the I Creeperian Army Corps
  12. El Salvador Orlando Pareja Palau – Current President of El Salvador, author, political theorist, and former professor
  13. El Salvador Armando Calderón Sol – Former President of El Salvador from 2000 to 2005, and again from 2015 to 2020
  14. Anderson Clarke – Former President of Paleocacher
  15. Quebecshire André Bellerose – Incumbent Grandmaster of Quebecshire
  16. Francisco I – Reigning Pope of Creeperopolis since 2013
  17. Benedicto XVIPope of Creeperopolis from 2005 to 2013

All Members

  1. Creeperopolis Alexander II
  2. Creeperopolis Alfonso VI X
  3. Creeperopolis Romero III
  4. Creeperopolis Adolfo V
  5. Creeperopolis Romero II
  6. Creeperopolis Romero I
  7. Creeperopolis Alexander Martínez Santos
  8. Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
  9. Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez (2)
  10. Creeperopolis Emmanuel Cabañeras Videla
  11. Creeperopolis Alfonso Cabañeras Moreno
  12. Creeperopolis Adolfo Cabañeras Moreno
  13. Creeperopolis José Guerrero López
  14. Creeperopolis Gustavo Leigh Guzmán
  15. Creeperopolis Felipe Cambeiro Cavallería
  16. Creeperopolis César Mendoza Durán
  17. Creeperopolis Ramón Illescas Galán X
  18. Creeperopolis Armando Figueroa Molina X
  19. Creeperopolis Gustavo González Jure
  20. Creeperopolis Xavier Garrido Varela
  21. Creeperopolis Óscar Únzaga Vega
  22. Creeperopolis Ricardo Oviedo Menanteau
  23. Creeperopolis Venancio López Requena
  24. Creeperopolis Martín Gutiérrez Sánchez
  25. Creeperopolis Rubén Franco Alcabú X
  26. Creeperopolis Enrique Agramonte Leoz
  27. Creeperopolis José Sáenz Morales
  28. Creeperopolis Antonio Sáenz García
  29. Creeperopolis Antonio Sáenz Flores
  30. Creeperopolis Antonio Sáenz Heredia
  31. Creeperopolis Ramón Serrano Suñer
  32. Creeperopolis Jerónimo Méndez Arancibia
  33. El Salvador Orlando Pareja Palau
  34. El Salvador Armando Calderón Sol
  35. El Salvador Armando Molina Barraza
  36. El Salvador Rafael Videla Redondo
  37. Anderson Clarke
  38. Quebecshire André Bellerose
  39. Hyuuga Terunori
  40. Francisco I
  41. Benedicto XVI
  42. Juan Pablo II

† – denotes posthumous
X – denoted revoked

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