House of Martínez

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House of Martínez
كاسه دِ مرطينز – Casa de Martínez
Royal/noble family
Parent familyHouse of Fernández
House of Acacius
Country Córdoba (645AD–843AD)
Creeperopolis Rabadsun (1120–1231)
 Creeperopolis (1231–1729)
 Creeperopolis (1730–present)
EtymologySon of Martínah
Place of originCórdoba
Founded645AD; 1379 years ago (in Córdoba)
1120; 904 years ago (in Rabadsun)
1231; 793 years ago (in Creeperopolis)
FounderAbraham I (in Córdoba)
Alfawnasu I (in Rabadsun)
Alfonso I (in Creeperopolis)
Current headAlexander II
TitlesEmir of Córdoba
Emir of Rabadsun
King of Creeperopolis
Emperor of Creeperopolis
King of the San Carlos Islands
Emperor of the San Carlos Islands
Emperor of Lyoa
Emperor of El Salvador
King of Senvar
King of Castilliano
King of Atlántida
Holy Protector of the State of the Church
Style(s)His Imperial Majesty
(1778–present in Creeperopolis)
Connected familiesHouse of Amara
House of Arshad
House of Llachaumán
MottoDevajo Dios yel Emperador
(Under God and the Emperor)

The House of Martínez is the current ruling royal house of Creeperopolis.

Surname Usage

House of Martínez

Succeeding the Amaras


First Parliament and Republic

Return to Absolutism

Second Parliament

Civil War

Post-Civil War


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