Honduran Genocide

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Honduran Genocide
Contemporary illustration of the Auto-da-fe held at Validolid Spain 21-05-1559..jpg
LocationSan Miguel, Creeperopolis
DateApril 1535-December 1535
Deaths1.2 million
PerpetratorsCreeperian Army

The Honduran Genocide, also known as the 1535 Creeperian Peasant Massacre, was the indiscriminate slaughter of 1.2 million ethnic Hondurans.

Background and Massacre

In 1535, Miguel V's wife fell ill and died. It was believed that she was poisoned. In extreme anger, Miguel V ordered the army to march into San Miguel and kill every and all Hondurans, an ethnic minority which lived in the department. Despite having absolutely no connection to the death of his wife, the ensuing Honduran Genocide of 1535 killed upwards of 1.2 million innocent Honduran peasants.

The genocide effectively wiped out the entire Honduran population.

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