Holy Resistance Movement

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Holy Resistance Movement
Participant in Eastern Lyoa Conflict and Second Lyoan Civil War
HRM Flag.png
Flag widely attributed to the Holy Resistance Movement.
LeadersVincent Okalo
HeadquartersEastern Lyoa
Area of operationsLyoa Flag.png Lyoa
Size~300 (2020)
AlliesFALANGE.png Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination
Free christian army 1.png Free Christian Army
Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa (alleged, denied)
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis (alleged, denied)
Opponent(s)Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa (sometimes)
Islamic Front
Allied Republican Forces
United Self-Defense Movement
Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council.png Lyoan Revolutionary Command Council
Rally for Lyoan Democracy
Battles and war(s)Eastern Lyoa Conflict
Second Lyoan Civil War
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Flag of Morova.jpg Morova
Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil

The Holy Resistance Movement (abbreviated as HRM) was a Christian rebel group and death squad based in the east of Lyoa. The group was founded by radical Christians in response to the armed mobilization of the Islamic community in the east. The group was noted for its brutality against civilians and surrendered combatants alike. The University of Tigera's Conflict Analysis Department reported that the HRM was responsible for the killings of over 1,200 civilians in 2017 alone. Its brutality made it one of the most feared militias in Lyoa, but its opposition to Islamist groups allegedly garnered it support from the Lyoan government and Creeperopolis.[citation needed]

The HRM frequently targeted Muslim Lyoans, seeing them as supporters of the Allied Republican Forces or the Islamic Front. Many of their attacks included beheadings, shootings, machete attacks, and other forms of brutality. The group was known to abduct children and use them as child soldiers. The HRM joined the Lyoan government at the beginning of the Second Lyoan Civil War. It demobilized after the conclusion of the war, launching the Holy Resistance Party.