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Capital (legislative)
Flag of Hafnir
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MunicipalityHafnir Special Autonomous municipality
 • Total283 km2 (109 sq mi)
 • Water2 km2 (0.8 sq mi)
 • Total387,456
 • Density1,400/km2 (3,500/sq mi)

Hafnir is the Capital and largest city of Reykanes. Located in South West Reykanes on the Vifilsstadavatn river . It lies on the Rifstangi peninsula between the sea and the Kjolur mountain range but it is not a coastal city even if its greater area extends to the coast. Hafnir is one of Reykanes's two capital cities. Serving as the seat of the legislative branch of the government, and as the host to all foreign embassies to Reykanes. Judicial system is also done here. It is the most Northern and the only city in Reykanes over 300,000 population making it the smallest capital city in the World. It is a major economical and cultural center in Reykanes for being the only capitol for centuries. The Parliament of Reykanes is contained within the city's metropolitan area. The city has a subpolar oceanic climate.

Hafnir was established in 114 BC as a City state until it was integrated in to the Kingdom of Reykanes. It takes its name from two large 2nd century farms Sandhöfn and Kirkjuhöfn which are museums today.

Transport in Hafnir

Hafnir is the biggest transport hub in the country. It has a developed transport network. The local transport services are controlled by the local government such as the Hafnir Metro, Buses but the rail services are controlled by the TEJ and it hosts the only international airport controlled by Reykanair. Long-distance rail lines connect Hafnir with all of the major cities of Reykanes and with the most rural areas in the country

Gallery of Hafnir