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Gustavo "Sombra" Duarte Carpio
Duarte Carpio in the 1990's.
Co-Chairman of FALANGE
Assumed office
January 17, 2020
Preceded byPosition Established
3rd Commander of Sombra Negra
Assumed office
April 23, 1992
Preceded byEnrique Rivera López
Personal details
Gustavo Romero Duarte Carpio

1957 (age 63–64)
Nationality Creeperopolis
Military service
Nickname(s)"Sombra Duarte"
"FRENAMI Duarte"
"Duarte Negra"
AllegianceFRENAMI.png Militarist Nationalist Front (until 2020)
FALANGE.png Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination (since 2020)
Branch/serviceFRENAMI.png Militarist Nationalist Front (since 2020)
Years of service1971-present
Battles/warsThird Senvarian Insurgency
Mara War
Deltinian Insurgency
AwardsBlack Cross

Gustavo Romero Duarte Carpio (born 1957) is the current leader of the Creeperian death squad Sombra Negra, also called FRENAMI, officially called the Militarist Nationalist Front. Duarte Carpio is considered to be the most powerful criminal in Creeperopolis and one of the most powerful in the world, having national and global attention due to the brutality of the death squad he commands. Duarte Carpio is feared across Creeperopolis and is known as the most brutal and merciless man in Creeperopolis, possibly the world. Duarte Carpio is colloquially known in Creeperopolis as "Sombra" Duarte, "FRENAMI Duarte", and "Duarte Negra" due to his leadership of Sombra Negra.

Under Duarte Carpio, the Militarist Nationalist Front has grown in numbers and has increased its killings across the country. Most of his death squad's operations are located in southern Creeperopolis and it is based somewhere in Santa Ana. In January 2020, Duarte Carpio incorporated Sombra Negra into the Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination, a coalition made up of ten Creeperian death squads, with himself being one of the ten Co-Chairmen.

As of January 2020, Duarte Carpio remains wanted by the National Intelligence Directorate, despite signing a cease fire with the Creeperian governemnt and Creeperian Armed Forces. He currently has a ₡200 million colón bounty on him to be captured dead or alive. He was sentenced to death in Absentia by the DINA in June 1992.

Early Life

Gustavo Romero Duarte Carpio was born in Creeperopolis in the year 1957. It is believed he was born in the department of Santa Ana somewhere near the departmental border with Senvar and Castilliano. He is believed to have been born sometime during one of the two Creeperian wet seaons from April through June or from August through October.

The identity of both of his parents are unknown. The only information known about Duarte Carpio's parents are both of their paternal names, with his father's paternal name being Duarte and his mother's paternal name being Carpio. Aside from her paternal name, little to nothing is known about Duarte Carpio's mother. The identity of Duarte Carpio's father is a topic of great debate. There are three known records of men bearing the parental name "Duarte" who lived in southern Santa Ana, with his possible fathers being Miguel Duarte Menéndez, Fidel Duarte Alvarez, and Gabriel Duarte Quijada. However, none of their martial records survived and there is no way to confirm in what villages they lived in, making it impossible to accurately identify his parents.

It is believed Duarte Carpio grew up with his parents in southern Santa Ana in a poor Creeperian village. He has made few remarks of his childhood. He has stated in the past that he worked on a farm with his family as a way for the Duarte family to survive. He said that while he worked on the farm from ages six to eight, he used to steal food from the farm to provide for his family as he was paid very little and that theft was the only way he could survive. One day, the farm owner caught young Duarte Carpio stealing a basket of vegetables for the family. He owner beat Duarte Carpio relentlessly inducing many bruises, so many that he has to be hospitalized in Santa Ana's capital, Santa Ana.

Following this incident, his family lost all income and had to resort entirely to theft to survive. From ages eight to fourteen, Duarte Carpio learned how to sneak onto farms at night to steal food from gardens and eggs from chicken coops. At age nine, while stealing from a farm in southern Santa Ana, he entered a shed and found a hunting rifle and a pistol with a box of ammunition nearby. He then broke into the farmhouse and killed both parents and all three children inside and looted the house. He returned to his family with ₡5,000 colóns, a hunting rifle, pistol, ammunition, two weeks worth of food, and many other items which allowed the family to survive. Duarte Carpio remarked how his first murder was "the best experience of my childhood before joining Sombra [Negra]."

Since this incident, he stole from farms always armed with the hunting rifle, using it to kill anyone who catches him. He states that he believes he killed over thirty people in his childhood robbing farms and plantations. Around the time he was eleven or twelve, he learned about the existence of the death squad known as the Militarist Nationalist Front, known as Sombra Negra in the area he lived.

Abduction by FRENAMI

Child Soldierhood

File:Sombra Duarte child soldier.jpeg
An image of a Sombra Negra child soldier dated around the early 1970's. Gustavo Duarte Carpio has stated that he is the boy in the picture. It is believed to be the earliest known photograph and one of the few known of Duarte Carpio.

In mid-1971, the Militarist Nationalist Front, then under the command of Adolfo Rivera López, a war criminal and veteran of the Creeperian Civil War, launched an offensive into southern Santa Ana. The FRENAMI soldiers were ordered to attack six villages in the area, loot them, kill any Senvarian-Sonsatepanians or Deltinians, and abduct as many children as possible.

Duarte Carpio said that it was around midnight in his village when six armed FRENAMI soldiers in all black entered his home, looted the home, and abducted him from his parents. When questioned by a Creeperian journalist how he felt about his abduction by FRENAMI, he said:

My abduction from my parents was, at the same time, the happiest and saddest moment of [my] life. [I] was torn to be separated from my parents, the parents who taught me how to rob, kill, survive. I never saw them again, I wish I could have meet them again. I've returned to my village many times, but every time, I never found them. [But] at the same time, [my abduction] brought me to the army of my dreams, to the Sombra Negra.

— Gustavo "Sombra" Duarte Carpio, 1996

After Duarte Carpio was abducted, he was taken along with thirty-four other children deep into the jungle for training to be a fighter and soldier for the Militarist Nationalist Front. There, he was introduced to automatic weapons and he was trained well in fighting with an automatic assault rifle.

He was taught how to live off the land, away from civilization. He learned how to start fires, chop trees quickly, kill and cook animals, and how to create a shelter for nightfall. Duarte Carpio also taught his abductors how to efficiently loot and raid farms without being detected. His skill and knowledge made him a favorite amongst FRENAMI command. By the time he turned seventeen, Duarte Carpio had been promoted from a Privado to a Sargento.

FRENAMI command saw Duarte Carpio as a role model for other FRENAMI child soldiers and he was rewarded greatly for his loyalty and valor. When he was eighteen, he reportedly captured sixteen Senvarian soldiers singlehandedly and killed them all himself. For his actions, he was rewarded with the Black Cross, the highest military award handed out by the Sombra Negra.

Adult Soldierhood

After he became an adult sometime in 1975, he became more determined to impress his commanders. He began to train abducted child soldiers how to do the things he was trained to do when he was abducted. He was known to relate to the children and helped indoctrinate them to fight for FRENAMI.

He occasionally engaged in combat with the Senvarian Liberation Front while not training or abducting children for Sombra Negra. Duarte Carpio claims to have killed hundreds of Senvarians and Sonsatepanians while he was a soldier for FRENAMI. While an adult soldier, Duarte Carpio began to "have fun" with his captured prisoners. He wanted to see in what ways he can torture his prisoners for his own entertainment. His torture practices were barbaric, and have not been seen in Creeperopolis since outside of the National Intelligence Directorate.

In 1981, the leader of Sombra Negra, Adolfo Rivera López, was assassinated. His younger brother, Enrique Rivera López, became FRENAMI's new leader and commander.


Rivera López knew about Duarte Carpio. He had even been one of Duarte Carpio's abductors all the way back in 1971. Duarte Carpio was one of Rivera López's favorite soldiers.

In 1982, Rivera López promoted Duarte Carpio to a Cornel in the Sombra Negra, one of the most powerful positions. Duarte Carpio has stated that he looked up to Enrique Rivera López as a role model and an inspiration. He wished to be in Rivera López's position as the General of the Militarist Nationalist Front one day.


In 1983, Rivera López's second-in-command and younger brother, Alfredo Rivera López, was captured and executed by the gang Mara Salvatrucha. Rivera López was enraged at the news and ordered Duarte Carpio to immediately round up as many Mara members as possible and make them suffer.

Duarte Carpio gathered fifty FRENAMI soldiers, half of them being children, and he led them into Zapatista, Mara Salvatrucha's stronghold. Over a course of three months, his soldiers captured, tortured, and executed over five hundred Mara members. Rivera López saw Duarte Carpio's brutality and skill and, in 1984, promoted Duarte Carpio to his second-in-command.

I would like to hereby name [Gustavo] Duarte Carpio, the son I never had, as my second-in-command of this great Militarist Nationalist Front.

From 1984-1992, Duarte Carpio became to grasp the attention of the Creeperian government. Even the National Intelligence Directorate began to take note of Duarte Carpio's brutality and killing spree across southern Creeperopolis. However, he didn't gather enough attention or concern as he was not issued an official arrest warrent.

Commander of FRENAMI

Early Years

On April 23, 1992, Duarte Carpio was devastated to hear the news that his commander, role model, and inspiration, Enrique Rivera López, was assassinated by the Senvarian Liberation Front. The death of his superior elevated him to the General of the entire Militarist Nationalist Front.

With his now seeminly endless power, Duarte Carpio ordered the eradication of all Senvarians and Sonsatepanians in order to avenge the death of Rivera López. In his first month in power, he implemented his torture methods he used to use as a soldier as a way to "interrogate" captured Senvarian soldiers and civilians.

His open call to genocide, his indiscriminate killings, and his widespread use of torture brought him to the immediate attention of the DINA and Creeperian Armed Forces. In June 1992, the DINA placed a ₡200 million colón bounty on Duarte Carpio. He felt accomplished and proud that Creeperopolis had finally recognized his "accomplishments" against the Senvarian population.

October 16 Regime and Coup

During the regin of Alfonso VI and the October 16 Regime, FRENAMI was heavily brought under attack. Duarte Carpio openly called for the assassination of the Emperor, something FRENAMI had never done in its then sixty year history.

When Duarte Carpio heard of the news of the 2003 Creeperian Coup D'état, he publicly applauded the coup and hoped that the new Emperor, Alexander II, would be more leanient on Sombra Negra as they both held a common enemy: the Senvarians.

Post-Coup Through 2020

Sombra Negra soldiers in all-black uniforms holding automatic rifles in Santa Ana, the province that the death squad is headquartered in, 2007.

Following the 2003 coup, the Creeperian government diverted its attention away from Duarte Carpio's death squad and began to refocus on the Senvarian Liberation Front and Mara Salvatrucha to Duarte Carpio's relief.

Now that the Creeperian government had stopped fighting Sombra Negra, Duarte Carpio began to return to his old ways of torture and brutality. Village burnings became a norm in southern Creeperopolis beginning in 2005.

In 2011, the Militarist Nationalist Front engaged Mara Salvatrucha in the Battle of Coyolito, a small village home to sixty villagers in western Zapatista. The battle lasted five days and saw 435 total deaths. In the battle, Sombra Negra abducted 14 children, something the death squad hasn't done since 1999. Since the battle, Sombra Negra has begun to commonly adbuct children from villages to train them as fighters once more.

Following the 2019 San Salvador Attacks, FRENAMI began a spree of killing Senvarian civilians. Duarte Carpio publily appaluded the Creeperian government's assassination of the leader of the Senvarian Liberation Front, Frederick Schuessler III, on August 31, 2019.

Deltinian Insurgency and Coalition

On December 27, 2019, the Deltinian Liberation Army and the Emirate of Deltino rose up and declared jihad on all non-Deltinians on the southern landmass. All belligerents of the Creeperian Conflicts signed a cease fire and agreed to engage the Deltinians in the Deltinian Insurgency. Duarte Carpio helped plan Operation Justice, calling it the "Final Solution to the Deltinian Question."

On January 17, 2020, Duarte Carpio, along with nine other Creeperian death squad leaders, formed the Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination. Its goal is to eradicate Deltinian Islam and to spread the Creeperian Catholic Church south. The coalition of death squads is known for burning Deltinian villages.

Criminal Status

"Sombra" Duarte
Gustavo Romero Duarte Carpio

1957 (age 63–64)
Criminal statusFugitive
Criminal chargeLeading a criminal organization and death squad, robbery, larceny, human trafficking, extortion, murder, money laundering, racketeering, battery, kidnapping, arms trafficking, vigilante murders, vigilante executions
PenaltyDeath in absentia
Reward amount
₡200 million colóns
Wanted by
Creeperian Ministry of Defense, National Intelligence Directorate, Creeperian Imperial Guard, Creeperian National Police, Mara Salvatrucha (vigilante), Deltinian Rebels (vigilante)
Wanted since1992
VictimsUp to millions dead

War Crimes

Duarte Carpio was issued an arrest warrent for ₡200 million Creeperian Colóns in June 1992 shortly after becoming the leader of the Militarist Nationalist Front.

Duarte Carpio is known across Creeperopolis for his brutality and for his merciless attitude to prisoners.

Duarte Carpio's staple war crime in his long list of war crimes is his use of torture. Sombra Negra members typically blindfolded and tied the hands and/or thumbs of their victims behind their backs. Several hours of torture would follow, often including the removal of the genitalia, hands, tongue, rectum and teeth. Finally, the victims were given tiros de gracia, or shots of grace, meaning they were shot in the base of their skulls with assault rifles or machine guns at close range. Messages were written on the victim's body such as "El idiota sufrió una muerte lenta" ("this idiot suffered a slow death") and other insults or slang. The Sombra Negra operatives would conceal their face and body with bandanas, anthropomorphic costumes, and use unlicensed vehicles with darkened windows when they carried out their missions in order to avoid full detection.

Duarte Carpio is also well-known to use child soldiers. It is believed that approximately 30-35% of all Sombra Negra soldiers are children which were abducted from their villages under Duarte Carpio's orders.

Other war crimes Duarte Carpio has been known for are village burnings, killing civilians, no quarter, crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnocide, ethnic and social cleansing, looting, upon many more crimes.


Duarte Carpio's wealth is a topic of debate.

It is accepted that Duarte Carpio grew up poor as he has himself stated that his family was extremely poor. His current wealth is unknown. Estimates of his wealth range from 60 to 150 billion Creeperian Colóns, likely earned through looting, embezzlement, bribery, and money laundering.

The Creeperian government is the alleged source of his income.[citation needed]

Ideology and Public Image

Duarte Carpio is a hardcore Creeperian Ultranationalist and he supports the ideology of the Creeperian Initiative.

Duarte Carpio is feared across Creeperopolis, but some poor Creeperans view him as a hero.

Orders and Decorations

Entity Date Decoration Post-nominal letters
FRENAMI.png Sombra Negra 1975 Black Cross CN

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