Grandmaster of Quebecshire

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Grandmaster of Quebecshire
Lucien Bouchard02.jpg
André Bellerose as Grandmaster of Quebecshire.
since February 19, 1991
FormationSeptember 16, 1624
First GrandmasterYvon Delsarte
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceConcord Palace, Quebecshire City
AppointerHigh Council of Quebecshire

The Grandmaster of Quebecshire (Quebecshirite: Grandmaster du Québecshire) is the title of Quebecshire’s formal Head of State. The position was established in 1624 and has an indefinite term and is chosen by the High Council of Quebecshire. The first Grandmaster of Quebecshire was Yvon Delsarte. Responsibilities of the Grandmaster include presiding over the High Council (in addition to being a sitting member), which is the supreme judiciary of Quebecshire. The Grandmaster is expected to be a unifying political and cultural figure in Quebecshire. Due to the style and role of the position, it is often referred to as a selective monarchial post.

The Grandmaster of Quebecshire lives at an official estate at the Concord Palace in Quebecshire City and makes frequent public appearances and tours of the nation, typically with other members of the High Council.

The Grandmaster of Quebecshire's title is formally stylized as Grandmaster of Quebecshire and the Quebecshirite peoples, His Excellency.

List of Grandmasters of Quebecshire

Portrait Grandmaster
Duration in years and days
1 Frontenac revient à Québec en 1689.jpg His Excellency
Yvon Delsarte

September 16
May 25
First Grandmaster of Quebecshire. Authoized colonization of Gagium, established court system and early law enforcement.
14 years and 252 days
2 Jacques-Pierre de Taffanel de la Jonquière.jpg His Excellency
Léonard Fournier

May 31
December 27
Second Grandmaster of Quebecshire.
19 years and 211 days
3 Louis XV by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.jpg His Excellency
Cyrille Jacquet

June 9
January 7
Third Grandmaster of Quebecshire. Caribou Wars started during his reign.
34 years and 213 days
4 Marquis de Vaudreuil.jpg His Excellency
Gilles Botrel

January 14
June 2
Fourth Grandmaster of Quebecshire.
18 years and 140 days
5 Marquis de Lafayette 1.jpg His Excellency
Silvain Mazet

June 11
November 22
Fifth Grandmaster of Quebecshire. Caribou Wars ended during his reign. Authorized the Houdin Doctrine.
41 years and 165 days
6 Cardinal Rohan2.jpg His Excellency
Sébastien Naudé

December 1
September 3
Sixth Grandmaster of Quebecshire.
43 years and 278 days
7 Bernard-René Jourdan de Launay.jpg His Excellency
Aurélien Bachelet

September 9
March 4
Seventh Grandmaster of Quebecshire. Gagian Confederation took place under his reign.
27 years and 178 days
8 Adolphe Yvon - Portrait of Napoleon III - Walters 3795.jpg His Excellency
Louis Chéron

March 15
July 26
Eighth Grandmaster of Quebecshire. During his reign, Quebecshire relieved Gagium of Dominion status.
44 years and 134 days
9 Georges Clemenceau par Nadar.jpg His Excellency
Dimitri Féret

August 4
September 24
Ninth Grandmaster of Quebecshire. Known for reigning during the peak of industrialization.
31 years and 52 days
10 TheodoreRoosevelt(cropped).jpg His Excellency
Yves-François Bourassa

October 3
July 2
Tenth Grandmaster of Quebecshire. His reign occurred during Red April, the Age of Good Feelings. Best known for the Bourassa Proclamation and surviving an assassination attempt.
36 years and 274 days
11 Charles de Gaulle-1963.jpg His Excellency
Henri Arceneaux

October 3
July 2
Eleventh Grandmaster of Quebecshire. His reign included Quebecshire's involvement in the Creeperian Civil War, the formation of the Terraconserva Council of Nations, and the other events of the latter twentieth century. He was the longest serving Grandmaster.
54 years and 213 days
12 Lucien Bouchard02 crop.jpg His Excellency
André Bellerose

February 12
Incumbent Twelth and current Grandmaster of Quebecshire. His reign has thus far included Quebecshire's development in the twenty-first century, as well as the joining of the Terraconserva Economic Union.
30 years and 94 days