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Global 2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests

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Global 2020 Anti-Terranihil Protests
Gagium anti-terranihil protests.jpg
Anti-Terranilian protestors in Gagium.
DateMay 30, 2020 - June 5, 2020 (8 days)
LocationGagium, Koryo, Malgax, Paleocacher, Terranihil, and Xusma
Caused byMalgan ethnic cleansing
Pyle Report
MethodsDemonstrations, riots, sit-ins, civil resistance, strikes, arson
Parties to the civil conflict
Anti-Terranihil Protesters
Lead figures
no centralized leadership
Terranihil Dreichren Ermák
Terranihil Vazho Kelsath
Casualties and losses
20+ injuries
20+ arrests
None Reported

The global 2020 anti-Terranihil protests were a series of protests, demonstrations, and riots in several countries againts the Malgan ethnic cleansing and alleged Terranilian human rights abuses. The protests began after Ernest Pyle, a Paleocacherian investigative journalist, published a report on May 30, 2020 that provided evidence that the Terranilian government is committing crimes against Malgans.


The Malgan ethnic cleansing, a campaign to deport or indoctrinate all Malgans living in Terranihil perpetrated by the Terranilian government, began on August 13, 2019. More than 200,000 Malgans were deported to Malgax and Greater Sacramento, and about 200,000 more were sent to "reeducation facilities" in Terranihil. Malgan refugees reported that the Progressive Guard and Terranilian police were committing crimes against humanity.

On April 16, 2020, Malgax proposed TCN Resolution 017, titled Resolution to Launch An Investigation in Terranihilian Re-Education Centers. Though it gained international support from nations that beleived the Terranilian government may be perpetrating a genocide, Quebecshire vetoed the resolution.

Ernest Pyle began an investigation in an attempt to find evidence that Terranihil was committing human rights violations. Pyle interviewed Malgan refugees, employees of Donghwa Chemicals, and workers at the Soislaan reeducation facility, and used a drone to take pictures of the Soislaan facility. His report was published in Paleocacherian news and spread internationally. The Terranilian government claimed that the report and its evidence were fabricated. The report triggered protests across Terraconserva.


Major Protests


Protesters in the city of Fort Crowsea, Gagium.

Protests have erupted against Terranihil since May 29, 2020. Protests in both Fort Anfree and Laurillac both reached crowd sizes of a few thousand people on May 30 and remained largely peaceful.[1][2] On May 30, protests continued and crowds grew larger. At the Terranilian embassy, fights broke out between police and protestors. Several windows of the embassy were smashed. The Terranilian government with advice from Gagiumish officials decided to close down the embassy for the time being. Protests on May 31, but the largest demonstrations occurred on June 1, where approximately 200,000 marched nationwide against Terranihil.[3][4] Several people were detained for carrying weapons.

Media in Gagium portrayed the protests in a positive light and criticized Gagium's foreign policy. Left-leaning media outlets reported the Malgan ethnic cleansing as fact and called it a genocide, while several right leaning media outlets reported that the genocide was a hoax. Gagium's president, Vincent Barbet, made a statement on June 4th claiming that Terranihil and Gagium will remain allied because the claims of genocide connot be confirmed.[5]


Riots broke out across most major cities in Malgax after Earnest Pyle's report hit the Malgan news. The largest of these protests have been centered around Maungis and Azomanca, with the Terranihilian embassy and Consulate at the epicenter of the demonstrations. The protesters, whose numbers are believed to be in the millions, have taken to throwing rocks, burning trash, and even in some very rare cases Molotov cocktails at the Terranihilian buildings. Police are on standby to intervene if the protesters attempt to breach the besieged structures.[6]


Around 125,000 protestors gathered outside the Terranilian embassy in Gardena, calling for the closure of the Malgan reeducation facilities on May 29. Around 50,000 protesters marched down from eastside of Liberty City to the Aurebeshia government complex calling for the Aurebeshian government to sanction the Terranilian government.[7]

On June 5, Boleslaw Siyanovich testified that the Terranilian government hired the mercenary group G4S to assassinate Ernest Pyle. Following this, approximately 1.1 million people marched across Paleocacher against the Terranilian Government in the largest domestic demonstrations in nearly two decades.[8]


Protests in Hégeis on May 30.

On May 31, several thousand Christian protestors filled up the streets of Hégeis, the city which once hosted the largest Malgan population outside of Malgax. The protestors demanded that the Terranilian government shut down the reeducation facilities. On June 2nd, the protest in Hégeis escalated into a riot after police used tear gas and rubber bullets. They burned several cars and looted several stores.[9]

Protests also erupted in Tulaiza on the same day. They were peaceful at first but grew into riots with people lighting multiple cars on fire. The Terranilian police attempted to forcibly quell the violence with minimal success.[10] Several people were arrested after attempting to set a courthouse on fire. According to the Department of Internal Security, anarchists and communists are organizing the riots.

The riots continued on June 1 and June 2 in Hégeis and Tulaiza. Peaceful protests in congruence with a pride day march on June 1 occured in Intemil. Protests on June 3 continued but were mostly peaceful. Terranilian police have been criticized for using excessive force against peaceful protests. Twelve people were killed and 60 arrests were made from May 31 to June 3.

On June 4, the March on Soislaan occured in which several thousand protesors attempted to break into Soislaan Re-education Facility. The Resistance was successful in helping several Malgans escape the facility. The march resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and dozens of police deaths.[11]

Minor Protests


A small crowd gathered in San Salvador to protest the reeducation facilities which the protestors called "genocide factories." The crowds peacefully assembled and dispersed after 2 hours of demonstrations.[12]


Anti-Terranihilian protests took place outside of the Terranihilian embassy in Junggyong, with protesters picketing and chanting "Stop ethnic cleansing!" and "Science, not suffocate!" over the allegations and reports of systematic murder of ethnic Malgans in Terranihil.[13]


Demonstrations are ongoing in Tigera protesting Terranilian involvement in the Second Lyoan Civil War. Protesters demand that Terranihil withdraw its armed forces that are backing a "illegal insurgency". Unlike the demonstrators in other nations, Lyoans did not protest the Malgan ethnic cleansing.[14]


Protests began on May 30, 2020 outside the Terranihil embassy in downtown Nevidimir. The protests were peaceful and about 5,000 Xussmans were in attendance. Tsar Alexsandr Gryaznov II and the Imperial government made no official statement. However, Patriarch Nil Khorkov denounced Terranihil for their actions against ethnic Malgans.[15]


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