Geography of Tirol

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Geography of Tirol
Tirol topographic map.png
RegionNorthern/Eastern Ecros
Highest point8,208.73 m Marmoleda
Lowest point0 m Glaceis Ocean
Longest riverPasseier (river)
TerrainMostly mountainous, lowland areas along the coastline.
Natural resourcesGold, silver, oil, natural gas, limestone, iron, lead, clay
Natural hazardsStorms, floods
Environmental issuesBiodiversity loss, acidic rain, organic nutrient pollution

Tirol is a sovereign state located in the north-eastern region of Ecros. It is predominantly mountainous, situated north-west of Quebecshire. The five Tiroler provinces have longstanding traditions that predate the establishment of the Free State of Tirol in 1893: Provinzia Inn, Ziller, Trentin, Passeier, and Adesc. The Innsbruck Autonomous District was separated from Provinzia Inn during the mid 20th century. In Innsbruck, the city council and mayor function as a provincial government.

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